Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

It is as though the weekly challenge was made for my morning! I got up early in hopes of a great sunrise and potential foggy morning. The dogs behaved for the most part and off I went. It was not foggy by my house, but it was in the country. While I should not complain, as it was a morning of beautiful sights and smells, I am reminded of my lack of breathing room. I passed so many great things to shoot for fear of being rear ended by others who had their destinations in hot pursuit (a red-tailed hawk, a foggy graveyard, rolling hills). Other views would have also put me and my fellow humans at risk for collision due to blind spots and no where to pull off the road. Oh, how I yearn for a place of a slow pace and open skies, my future I dream it to be. *Sigh*

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

    • Thank you for those kind words. I know I will, it is an obsession. I will have my house on the market the minute my second child graduates High School. I have been to Montana (over 20 years ago), it was just great! I know why it is called big sky country. I want to go to Wyoming too! I bet it is just breathtaking! They have the greatest license plates too!

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