Sweet Dreams

On a rollI spent today running around with the kids doing mandatory errands. Then all of a sudden these tube like clouds emerged and LUCKILY I had actually brought my camera in the car. So I took a detour and a break from the rush and got some spectacular shots! I could have stayed longer, but had to get back to rushing. I am super tired and can’t wait to go to sleep and have the sweetest of dreams.


6 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. These are fantastic! I love clouds. I wonder what caused them. I have never seen the likes of them and I WATCH clouds! Fading contrails……hmmmmmm, marvelous !

    • I know, I am not sure either. But they weren’t contrails. Huge bands of clouds. It happens here every so often. I think there is a wind factor involved. They were very soft looking as well. I will post a more open shot (or 2) today so you can see… I just liked the abstract quality of the stripes in this one.

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