Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

looking out my bedroom windowMy habit is looking out the window. This is my bedroom window, I have my desk set so I can look out the window, and my bed is right under this window. As you probably know, I love the outdoors and the sky. What other way will we know what is happening outside without looking. I often get inspiration from just sitting and gazing. How do you get inspiration?


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

  1. Gazing out windows! Yes! I always try to get the window seat on the plane. I sit near the window on the bus and driving is a wonderful way to view the world ~ just have to keep my eye on the road most of the time! hahaha! Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge in the morning is such a beautiful sight it puts a lovely tone on the day 🙂 Looking out my window in my apartment I see my garden and enjoy getting inspired to weed! :-0! the colors in your picture are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 xoxoxox

    • See! The apple does not fall far from the tree!!!
      I think it is pretty great that i have not run into anything while driving, looking at the beauty, shooting shots sometimes over my shoulder…or the front window. Recently though, I make the kids do the shooting. They love it! Much safer too.

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    • I prefer to be outdoors as well! But as I do a lot of computer work on my art and photos, I find my old habit of staring out the windows (like I did in school) comes around. I don’t know how people can be in dark homes with the curtains drawn. Egad! It is smothering!

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