Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Happy Happy Fishy JumpingSo, my “Unexpected” photo might be exactly what you think. Here, I was actually trying to catch a glimpse of the jumping little fishies. What was unexpected was that they would be jumping in the first place. I went to shoot the sunset at Alum Creek last summer, and what do you know….yes, little jumping fishes. Surprise! Lots of them. But they are really hard to catch in an image, because you never know where they will jump up. Hence the water ring. I have seen the big ones jump up, which is next to impossible to catch on camera. All you hear is a huge splash, maybe catch a glimpse of one out of the corner of your eye. But these little guys were new to me. 😉 A fisherman said they thought they were trying to elude the bigger fish.This was a fun Challenge!! Trying to catch the jumping fish is similar in trying to catch lightning and shooting stars.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  1. Very pretty colors and the jumping fishes! I like the ring. Something was happening! Also, they might be jumping to catch insects? I know Koi will jump up and tear bits off of plants. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! xoxox

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