Christmas CactusI have a Christmas Cactus that is really old. I think I got it around 1998 as a gift. It is still in its original plastic pot. It could use a new home badly. It is completely lopsided, and this year only has one bloom. A brave little soldier. I can’t say why I haven’t repotted it. Maybe I am a little afraid of it breaking. I see new beautiful ones in the store, but I will not buy one until I give this one some love. I sometimes see them out on the curb after the holidays with the discarded trees and garland. I hate seeing that. It makes me very sad. Next time I see a Christmas Cactus I am going to save it from its death. I think they have the most exquisite blooms. I love the elegance they have, soft, sheer petals that somehow resemble shrimp to me. Mine has a pretty pink stamen that looks like a hand reaching out. I used my preview window, tripod, 100mm Macro Canon lens (which is awesome btw) and cable release to shoot these macro images. It is way better that holding your breath trying to not move.

How do you do?


13 thoughts on “Elegance

  1. and the results are well worth the effort you have gone into. I’m the same as you re: throwing plants out. I tend to rescue poorly ones and then run out of room to keep them! Am having to get more hard-hearted now.

  2. OMG: I just noticed I wrote about my Christmas Cactus LAST YEAR (Nov 12) https://artbea.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/the-light-dark-of-it/ and talked about re-potting it then. WOW, what am I doing and where does the time go??? Well, I guess it will be no surprise that this is the first year that I don’t have to put up my Christmas Tree….because it is still up from last year. No kidding. It could probably use a dusting. Usually I put it away after Easter when people start giving me crap about it. I guess they gave up. Perhaps I will repot my plant today….. I was going to go to the store and look at ball-heads. Hmm.

  3. Xmas Cactus ~ I, too, love them and have several ~ one that I have had I can’t even remember how long and now sits outside my window surprising me with the lovely blooms. Two others are further back in the yard and were gifts from someone who took a lot more time to nurture them and subsequently had many more blooms. Now these two sit under the Redwood tree and one blooms and the other sulks… Thank you for the beautiful images of your Cactus! I will comfort the sulking one today and give it beautiful new soil! Maybe it will reward me with blooms! 🙂 Happy Planting! xoxox

    • Isn’t it so cool tat you can plant them OUTSIDE!?! I love it! It is amazing how the flora changes from place to place even though we are close to the same latitude. Ah, nature. It is awesome! Let’s do it. We will both baby our Xmas Cacti!

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