December Fog

Yes, I love fog! I experienced the densest fog I have ever seen this morning. Fog was everywhere in central Ohio this morning, but the thick stuff was patchy. I didn’t stop to take photos on the road for fear of being plowed into in those spots. It was glorious, and a little scary. Luckily I didn’t see many cars at all where it was really thick.

6 thoughts on “December Fog

    • Livin’ on the edge, ha ha. No, it was very quiet and I could hear there was no train, and was there for 2 seconds. Driving, I was holding my camera out the window, so really I was on the correct side.

  1. thick fog here too! had 50-some feet (fortunately just) once awn da hi-weigh.
    reminescent of my “ah luvs this pschidt” sky-clouded by forest-fire-smoke hike (well, i ‘wander’) a couple summers back …

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