Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy (II)

soaring free 2 eagles!Driving around in Hocking Hills I see 2 birds flying above and what?!?! They are bald eagles! I couldn’t believe it! I pulled over and they flew around a few minutes, letting me enjoy their flight for a while! In my whole life (47 years) I have seen one other in Ohio, and it was fast and far, and kept going farther. The other time was in Alaska, but I never got any good shots, even though our campsite was on its flight path. If only I had the shot of the eagle carrying a fish! Oh well, we all have “the one that got away” stories. It was pure joy seeing the eagles.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy (II)

  1. Bald Eagles!!!! Wow! You and me, both … hardly ever see them and around here ~ never! I have to go up north to Shasta and those environs to get a glimpse of these magnificent hunters! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 xoxo

  2. My entire life I have wanted to see a bald eagle in the wild! This sight would bring me great JOY too !
    Happy New Year Christie!

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