An Evening with Juni

chilly sunset

The clouds were exciting today, and Juni and I took a long adventure at Alum Creek. It was a bit chilly, the ice sounded like wind chimes in the waves. Juni was pulling here and there, and wanted to get leaves dancing across the ice. Silly dog would have had an icy bath had I ever let go. I think he likes his newfound adventures. He likes watching the birds fly around, too. After we left a huge owl flew past the car! I saw where it landed and took its picture. It was 40 minutes after sundown so the picture stinks, but wow! I don’t see owls very often. In fact it has been 2 years since I have seen any, and then it was really only a glimpse as the pair I startled in the woods flew away from me, no shot at all. All in all, a great evening with my pal.

8 thoughts on “An Evening with Juni

  1. that main pixure with the lake foreground and red clouds is really breath-taking. i can only imagine axually being there. yeah … we yoosta see owls more often (one night maybe TEN YEARS ago we went outside in the pitch dark (with flashlights) and there were about 4 little hopping owls hopping around in the yard. we see eagles, hawks, osprey, etc. but no owls i can recall for a few years …

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