Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Our family has a new beginning, Opal. We just lost our dearest companion of 16 years, Ruby, on December 26th, 2013. 2012 at Thanksgiving we lost our beloved Perl. I truly believe Opal was sent to us by Ruby and Perl. She looks so much like Perl it is weird, like I am seeing things. Her eyes are different and she hisses at the dogs, but she is a love bug and so very sweet to us humans. I miss both Perl and Ruby very much. They will never be able to be replaced. I still look for Ruby during feeding and bedtime then I get that sinking feeling…”Oh, yeah”. I hope she is having a great new beginning wherever she is. 16 years is a long time. I believe Perl was 16 or 17, but she was only with us for several years, as her owner had to go to a nursing home. Ruby followed me everywhere. She’d even wake from a sound sleep to make sure I was still where she left me. It will be fun to learn the nuances of our new Opal. She was meant to be, literally brought to our home the day before yesterday, a week to the day after Ruby’s death.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

  1. So sorry to hear about Ruby, but 16 is a grand age for a dog. It will take a while to get used to her not being around. I love the names you choose for your friends – they are very precious – and I hope Opal brings you much joy.
    Jude xx

  2. Wow! She does look a lot like Perl! Very pretty šŸ™‚ She looks very sweet and she has beautiful eyes! She will let the dogs know how to behave around her šŸ™‚ Perl, Opal and Ruby all beautiful gems. You are so fortunate. šŸ™‚ xoxox

  3. you may have, perhaps not … read my “ode to dually” — in which we lost a dog AND a cat the same weekend. Betty and i differ, but we’re “down to” (just) 5 cats and 2 dawgs and i think we have room in the orpanage for we and she claims we doesn’t. however, she did stop and spend a fairly long time looking at adoptable puppies last weekend … there is a veritable pantheon, isn’t there? of all the associations with our lives, stretching perhaps, hindu-frieze-like, into infinity …

    • Ah, kindred spirits! I can’t really say if I am “down to” anything, as the menagerie here seems to be having a real ebb and flow. In the last year, lost a cat, lost a rat and lost a dog, gained 2 rats (one who bites) and gained a cat. Oh, wait, gained another dog (via blackmail by my ex) and still have the young dog, and 2 male cats who don’t like each other and have been banished to the garage (with heated area) and outside when it’s nice. They had a peeing contest in my house, and the final straw was cat pee in the toaster. Whew, what’s the score? šŸ˜‰ Oh, and 4 hermit crabs, a 17 year old catfish, and a half a dozen mosquito fish. Bea’s Menagerie. + 2 growing humans, who sometimes help with the non-speaking. Thanks for being a rescuer!!!

    • Well, I searched your blog to find the “Ode to Dually”, and alas, no can find. Boo. Please send me the link, I would love to read it. I know I should say it more, but your adventures and family are awesome!!!! I love your blog, my friend. šŸ˜‰

      • i invariably am amazed by yer pixures (heh: and i hope you noticed the nod from/by/of my “seasonal lites” post to check on people who “do good pix” ~ )

      • Wow, your post is beautifully written. Beautiful and touching, yet kind of sad. The missing kitty tears at my heart. Not knowing what happened, if it was painful, etc. Ugh. One time my Bert was gone for 4 days, and I thought for sure something had happened to him. But then he re-appeared, no worse for wear. It is very suburban here, yet we have fox and coyote now. I hear stories of cats and small dogs going missing. I can only hope it is quick and painless. Circle of life crap. And, yes the end of all of our friends is tearful and hard. Luckily that part is short and worth it. Not like a hangover of too much imbibing, but like the soreness of a really tough adventure, or cuts from a magnificent art project. All your creatures have been well loved. It is nice to “meet” them here. Maybe they are all together? I “saw” Ruby tonight, and my daughter said she saw her earlier in the window reflection. I think my shadow is still with me. (And thank you for liking my photos. I love doing it.)

  4. What a sweet family! Dogs say “yes” to joy wherever they can get it, don’t they?

    Cat pee in the toaster? That tops all my cat pee stories.

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