Life Lesson # Who’s Counting?

well worn blade

I finally got some new blades for my utility knife. How many years I used this one, is anyone’s guess.It was used so long because it was my last one and the sheer fact that I didn’t want to drive to the hardware for just such a small purchase, never remembering them when I did have other purchases. Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought a 50 pack yesterday. That pack will most likely outlive me. My old blade is quite a work of art. I will say, it is quite easier to cut things with a sharp blade. 2 of the many things I have learned in life: Never buy crappy cheap tape and keep new blades handy. As a footnote, you know you are from a different generation when the symbol above (#) represents the word number or the pound sign, not a “hashtag”. Was the word hashtag around before tweeting? Hmm.

17 thoughts on “Life Lesson # Who’s Counting?

    • Ha, yes! No kidding, with rust on it to boot. And on top of that, for some reason, I have been clumsy lately. Not sure why. But it isn’t normal, and it has been a pain, literally.

  1. It is a little work of art. You should put it in a little frame with that history ! It could really work for Sue Ellyn’s Yellow challenge too !

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