where are we going?

These Canadian Geese came flying towards me from afar…..flying flying flying honking….they were heading in the direction of a big lake…then they decided to do a u-turn and go back to where they came from, two broke off and went an entirely different direction. I wonder what they were thinking? I know I was thinking “don’t poop” as they flew over my head! And they were close! This is not a long lens (24-105). Maybe it is where the term “Silly Goose” came from. I’ve seen pigeons fly in big swooping circles, landing and taking off from a rooftop. They look like they are having fun. These Geese were doing something else. Maybe they didn’t like the two that took off separately and were playing a mean trick on them. Who knows?

what is the plan?

6 thoughts on “Formation

  1. What great pictures! I love watching the birds whether they are geese, ravens, song birds they are so much fun! Crows are amazing to watch especially in an updraft! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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