Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Opal Kitty

I don’t like the word abandon. It conjures up too many things that feel very painful to me. This week especially has been wrought with worry. Last Sunday morning, on the way to a meeting, I came upon a young lady who was on the side of the road with a doggie (shown below) who looked in distress so I stopped. I asked if she was ok, and she said she saw the doggie and was waiting for Animal Control to come pick it up. Was the dog hurt? She didn’t know. He came to me but was limping a little. I let him sniff me and picked him up, telling him not to bite me. I held him, petting him softly, knowing that if the dog went into the system, it might not be good. The animal control got there and asked if it was our dog. I didn’t want to lie, so I said no. I told her the truth, that I was afraid he’d be put down if I let her have him. She said he needed to be seen by a vet. Either one of us or her. Since it was Sunday, not an easy day to find a vet. I worried that if it was MY dog, I wouldn’t want someone to just take him home; I’d want a chance to find my beloved lost little doggie. He had on a flea collar and had been neutered. I worried that he might fight with all the other animals at home, or not like kids. Sadly, I let him go to the shelter. He is still there. I have called every day, sometimes many times. He is currently awaiting dental surgery. He passed the vet inspection and the behavioral inspection. A few people have come in to see if he was theirs. No. On one hand, I regret letting him go. (The other woman said she couldn’t take him). On the other hand, I can’t save everyone. (I could easily turn into the animal and stuff hoarding lady with one wrong synapse surge…) I have 2 dogs (we lost our oldest on Dec 26th), 3 cats, (the newest is Opal who was dumped in the neighborhood), 3 rats, and a myriad of other things like fish and hermit crabs. Oh, and I have 2 kids. They are the only ones I brought into this world intentionally. The rest have been rescued. None through a shelter. I doubt they’d let me adopt. All my pets have issues. Issues that I can handle but they sure don’t look good on paper. I am praying a good loving person can come rescue “Yorkie 58180”. He is breaking my heart, as are all the thousands of dogs and cats I weep over looking at their sad faces everyday on Facebook. If only abandoning wasn’t such an easy thing for some people to do. Get your pets spayed or neutered. It does save lives.

abandoned and scared

abandoned and scared

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

    • It varies widely. We have no kill shelters and some really unethical ones. People have become great advocates and places have been exposed, mainly because social media makes it so easy. This one tests and tries to help. But if the dog has issues it does not last more than a week sometimes. Mainly pitbull terriors. The whole thing is so sad! But I do think things are getting better. Very few use gas chambers anymore. Minnesota has recently been exposed for horrific tendencies. Sad sad sad. How about you?

      • I haven’t dealt with rescue centres for a long, long time but I believe most charities try to re-home animals, and not destroy them unless they are very old or dangerous. We have a lot of staffies (Staffordshire terriers) waiting for homes – I think breeders should not be allowed to breed any more dogs if there are any of their particular breed in rescue centres. Gas chambers sounds barbaric!!

      • I know a lot of groups do try to find homes. I really wish things would change as well. I still know so many people who want pure breds. It stinks. I think most of the dogs put down are the staffies. They are a very mis-understood, and abused breed here. Underground fighting, and guard dogs. It is changing though. A lot of people are educating others about them, and “dangerous breeds” are no longer a term used by insurance. But it still is weird. Sad. And the gas chambers are rarely used. But it should be outlawed. It is barbaric.

  1. Thank you for this post! I hope Yorkie finds a loving home πŸ™‚ All the animals I have lived with have either been found abandoned, adopted me by turning up at my doorstep or through the SPCA here in SF. San Francisco is a no kill City. Thank goodness! Our SPCA has set up a beautiful place where prospective guardians can come and visit and see if they and the prospective dog, cat, hamster, etc., is a good fit. This little one looks like he would break anyone’s heart and would make you want to take him in right away. Your helping him through this post and hopefully someone in Ohio nearby can open their home for him! πŸ™‚ What a beautiful little dog πŸ™‚ If I lived closer, I would definitely be tempted ~ not certain how much my kitty would appreciate sharing our little apartment, though πŸ˜‰ Love you!!! xoxoxoxox Beautiful pic of Opal πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! He would be a great apartment dog! And he would love the wonderful long walks you would take him on! That is awesome that SF is no kill. Maybe more people spay and neuter there. THat is really nice!!
      And, yes, Opal was sitting in the sun. It was a perfect moment! xox

  2. Lovely thoughts and photos. I love the light in the first one. When we lived in Cleveland and owned our own home, we fostered several rescue pit bulls. There are too many people who blithely take on a pet without any concept of the work that’s required, especially with a dog, and then rather than finding them a new home, simply abandon them. Spaying and neutering are so important, too.


    • Thank you so much for fostering! I have a friend who is fostering dogs. It is a wonderful thing! But lots of work! She really has to be hands on all the time, trying to help him through some issues. When my kids get a little older I will see if I can do that. I have also thought of rescuing older dogs as well, but it seems like I attract those in need without any effort. WIsh I had taken the yorkie. I am not a good on the spot thinker. Oh well. Faith.

  3. I don’t like the word either. Your story is touching and you did the right thing. My last dog that died last summer was a Yorkie… I miss him. Wish I could give that little fellow a home!

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