Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

I love birds! Trying to photograph them in the wild is not an easy task. So I made my photos “artsy”, as in, “I meant to do that”. 😉 The swallows in particular are so damn fast you can barely follow them with your face. Notice the beautiful and graceful vulture. He coasts a bit, and came really close to me. I am glad one shot is kind of in focus. The trick (I learned in a nature photography class) is using a flash. Not a fast shutter speed. You really need a flash to have a sharp bird photo. Now, if they would only pose for me…. Here birdy birdy.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

  1. eeev-n iffi had a cam’ra: i could not have ‘captured’ the verrry kwyk plunge of an osprey into our pond, arising instantly with wriggling bass in its talons, and swooping off. (yeah, right: a security camera trained on the pond at all times!) … not could i, wheezing on a uphill section of trail thru the high-desert ‘forest’ have done justice to the brief experience of three coyotes all-of-a-sudden running along with my dogs (one about 10 yards right, the other a bit further left) all of us loping in the same direction thru’ the trees. as soon as my senses and brain went “HUHHH?!? WHAT??!” the ‘yotes had disappeared. i think all of us, dogs and i, fell into the force-field as it were, of collective coyote-ness.

    • Oh WOW! Those must have been so exciting!!!!!! I think a lot of the nature photographers have trip sensors on their cameras to catch birds and animals. My dad used to laugh at that guy, Marty Stouffer, joking that the animals in his show came to him because he had peanut butter on his hands or lures to get them to come close. Do you remember that show? I am so glad none of your doggies became prey to the coyotes!!! Or you!!

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