Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Painted Sky

I am finally all caught up with the weekly photo challenges! This photo is from May 11th (Mother’s Day) which not only treated me to a beautiful evening storm with lightning but fog in the morning! This photo was taken by hand using my car window ledge as a “stabilizer”; The settings were iso 400, 24mm length, f/7.1 shutter 6 seconds. I enhanced it a bit in a couple of photo programs, but the scene is so painterly it looks like an old masters painting to me. (Maybe I should use this as my art submission for the fair?) The light sources are an interesting combination of the moon in the clearing sky and the lightning in 2 spots. Below is another one that has cloud only lightning (iso 400,  60mm length, f/5, 3 seconds) followed by a morning fog photo. What a beautiful day and night! Best gift ever. Although brunch with my kids was pretty darn great too!!intra-cloud lightning cool old truck

Interested in the Weekly photo challenge?    http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/work-of-art/

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

    • Thank you! It was far enough away (I think) to make me feel pretty safe. Or maybe I am just a lightning junky. If it is too close or heading towards me, I just sit tight in my car until it starts to head away. Who knows, maybe it will be my demise? Better than a disease… 😉

      • Oh no! But I can relate. Heights do it for me. I get dizzy and weak and a knot in my stomach even looking at people go close to an edge of high places. Eek. My kids do not venture close to the edge of anything without me going in to a full panic and yanking them back.

      • LOL! No, I think all are perfectly rational, as they all can kill you. And btw, I love your blog. (It won’t let me post a comment though under the bird house, which is too cool!) I look forward to seeing your other ones too!

      • I see it, log in w WP, and when I push the post comment button it goes to a big plain white page that says, “Sorry, this comment could not be posted.” Weird.

      • how odd. I am following you now, you really should be able to comment, maybe its your anti virus? Can you comment elsewhere. Or maybe your what do you call it, chrome or itnernet explorer etc? really odd. maybe log on and off, that might help, never had that before, bummer

      • thank you that is so sweet of you to say 🙂 My pain is now characterized on my pain blog, I had my son make a graphic animal/creature for it LOL, I called it P.I.T.A which stands for pain in the ass! x

      • LOL! That is a good one! Thankfully, the only thing I have that is chronic is some fat. I had a serious shoulder thing where I couldn’t move my arm until I got a shot in it. Then it took about a year to heal, but now it is ok, thankfully. I also had a bad tailbone a while back after my daughter was born for 2.5 years but my son’s head put it back into place! Life is so hard when you hurt. I really do feel for you!!! Life is hard enough!!

      • thank you for your kind words 🙂 Haha re the fat, oh i know that one too! Now did we sort the commenting issue? I might have to run to pick up my youngest, yikes x

      • I am spazzing out or something. Maybe it is because I changed my stupid password. Hmm. I tried commenting from Safari instead of Chrome. I don’t know what to make of it. Boo. ;-(

    • Well, it was really dark out, but the light that was created by the moon and the lightning came out when I increased the exposure. Actually the yellow was more yellow, and I tried to tone it down. I like number 2 also~ It was really cool how the clouds would light up. It didn’t make sound either. And the fog was fantastic! 😉

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