Being In Alignment

cloud window

What you might be looking for sometimes isn’t what you think you need. Who are you in your true identity?  How do you connect with your soul? And, what your true agenda is here in this life? Do you live for the true agenda of your soul? Hmm. I am listening to Neale Donald Walsch’s, “Living from your Soul.” It is interesting. Living in the expression of love, compassion, patience, etc. the qualities that make you alive. Experience and express every aspect of divinity that flows through us. Give people back to themselves. Succinctly: Good gets good. Ask yourself, “What does this have to do with the agenda of my soul?” or “Is that all there is?”

4 thoughts on “Being In Alignment

  1. i’ve asked this before … but you are near a large lake? lakes? the grate lakes? what a pallette for cloud formation and your ability to re-create the complex near and far and hints and tints and hues ‘n such

    • Thank you! No, I am in Central Ohio, on the north side of Columbus. About 20 minutes north of me, there is a reservoir dam that is a state park/recreational body of water. Also, there is another dam, the Hoover, (not the big one) that also is kind of big, but they only let sailboats and kayaks, and maybe small motors on it. I mainly go to ALum Creek to see my skies, because I am surrounded by trees and buildings in my neighborhood.

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