a myriad of colors and types of clouds

7 thoughts on “Faith

  1. well. yes, yer pict is mutsch purdier than some slack things i wuzz gonna say. curious: did you do any “tweaking”? (sometimes i do, make the desert less harsh, e.g.) still, quite the eye, the combination.

    (the slack thing i wuzz gonna say is partly in answear to ‘chris’ about us being able to create similar … well, heck, i ate wayyy too much pizza, drank too much, went outside into the snow, and … )

    • I do some post editing, for sure. Necessary is the removal of all the debris in my lenses and camera body, then depending on what I want, cropping, color, and definition are a few favorite tweaks. As far as the rest of that…. haha 😉

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