30 Shots Later

sunset 1

sunset 2

30 shots (of the sky, not booze) between 8:02:51 and 8:10:59. Just 8 minutes and what a change in color after the sun has set, and then *poof* all goes gray.

8 thoughts on “30 Shots Later

  1. I was driving home yesterday evening during the sunset and heading west so watching the sun go down all the way – eventually leaving a faint orange band on the horizon and a turquoise strip above. Behind me it was already dark. A shame I couldn’t photograph it!
    I don’t think you can ever get tired of seeing a sunset. (Gorgeous images btw – especially the second one with the red clouds)

  2. I love taking and looking at pictures of the sky. These ones are particularly gorgeous and remind me that change is constant. Thank you for sharing. The evening sky can be difficult to photograph. My camera skills can’t quite do it. Keep up the great shots!

    • Thank you very much! Many times has the sky changed before I could get to a good spot to shoot it, the gift was gone.
      As far as getting proper exposure, it can be tough. I prefer to meter on the “almost brightest spot” and then shoot. Otherwise things get too burnt out. Also, a great tool if your camera has the capabilities is using back focus. Then you are free to move throughout the shot and the shutter will only change the metering, not the focusing. Google how to set this up (manual’s never help me much). It took a little while to get used to it, but I will never go back to shutter focus, ever!

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