Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

For the Weekly Photo challenge of Minimalist, I chose 3 plant photos I took the other day at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I don’t really think of plants as being minimalistic because they are quite the opposite. But I decided these compositions suited the theme, at least that was my intention. Minimalism conjures up thoughts of cold and hard, yet clean. At least to me. Perhaps the forms speak louder than words.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

  1. you and my son-in-law have this in common: not only look in the distance, across the room, but look CLOSE. Ben takes pixures of things in the sand at the ocean’s edge, the pattern of tree-branches and leaves — and you (to me) have a large degree of mastery of close and far. o.k. — what did you “do” to the black-and-white pixure?

    • When I change my photos to B/w in the editing I just turn “down” the saturation until it is at a color I like. It’s usually not all the way. Then I bump around with the lows, middles and highs, to change the contrast on my own, not the contrast button.
      It is very cool to see what others see. The camera is such a great tool! I’d love to see you S-I-L’s photos. Does he have a blog too?

      • re: S I L: not really. he does save and present stuff on SnapFish, but he doesn’t stay current! i’ll see (and should actually ‘see’ him at the end of this month)

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