I am an artist, animal lover, mother, & free spirit, meandering through life, trying to figure out the best way to come out smiling.

I love: family, art, storms, clouds, weather, sky, lakes, nature, photography, rivers, painting, design, adornment, animals, plants, water, rocks, moon, insects, beauty, peace, stars, sleeping, music, sunsets, wine, food, individuality, change, ocean, swimming, respect, laughter, challenge, learning, colors, earth, walks, conservation, mountains, kindness, landscape, wind, views, flowers, trees, optimism, tie dye, wind, reading, kissing, spirit, & love, fairness, respect and fun!
I’ll pass on anything else.

It is really exciting being a part of the bogging world. It really brings like-minded people together!

I really enjoy lots different creative outlets, from artistic handmade jewelry to fun art cards IΒ makeΒ from my paintings and photos. The common denominator in most of my art is happiness, joy, all things that make me happy. And I LOVE clouds!Who needs to stay home and do dishes when you can hop in your car and chase a breathtaking sky through dusk.

The name Artbea is kind of like a spoof on “Quilting Bee” (where people who like to quilt come together) but instead of Art Bee, it’s spelled Bea, like my middle name.


During sunset at my favorite place near home: Alum Creek

34 thoughts on “why……not?

  1. Clouds! the promise of life. Moving across our skies. I remember laying in the grass with my brother, Paul, looking at the clouds and seeing all the creatures and funny things they looked like. Then turning over and looking through the grass and seeing what we imagined the world looked like to an ant. Then flying kites and watching as they went farther and farther into the sky ! Into the clouds! gliding on the invisible wind. Cheers! Love You!

  2. Sounds like we have a lot in common! I think you’ll find a lot of stuff to your liking on my blog (and some stuff not to your liking, but that’s okay, don’t let it scare you away, hehe)! I look forward to perrruuuusing.

    –Love and Liberation–


    • Thank you very much! I might not be very proper with my ‘award” etiquette. Not that I am ever ungrateful, as I have been nominated for a couple, they sometimes seem a little chain-letter feeling, especially the ones where you have to nominate a bunch of people. Anyway, I thank you and I thank the others before you, but I have yet to fill out and add to the pyramid. I never quite knew what to do about them and certainly don’t want to offend. πŸ˜‰ Any comments you might have are much appreciated.

      • We certainly know what you mean about the chain-letter feeling, and there are many bloggers—some of the best—who don’t do awards, for that and other reasons, so you are in good company… In addition, many of the awards have rules and questions that can feel rather silly. We’ve pretty much discarded those. So what’s left? Just an expression of affinity and admiration. If people want to say, and express through these awards, that they like our blog, we are more than happy to acknowledge that, and equally we are happy to point out the blogs that we particularly like… I think it boils down to just that.

  3. Hi Christie,
    interesting comments here….:-) I don’t do blog awards myself, but I know a good blog when I see one and I look forward to see a lot more of your fine work in the future; I’m your new follower! πŸ™‚
    Have a great time.
    Greetings from The Far North β™₯

  4. there is NEVER a day when i don’t puzzle, marvel, gaze, wonder, analyze, about clouds. i’ve asked (and you’ve responded, but ) what part of the country do you live in? i will try (in my primitive way, and i’ll blame primitive camera-lack-of-skills) to post some cloudy stuff soon. went UP to “the mesa” last weekend!

    • I wondered if anyone noticed…haha. thanks for inquiring. I was diagnosed w stage iv colon cancer last august. So its been a whirlwind of surgery and chemo since. I feel hungover most of the time so even though I take some photos, the desk part is difficult and I am afraid my poor blog, which I loved so much, has faken the brunt of it. One week of “recovery” after chemo and one week of making up on duties left undone. The good news is the tumors that have spread to my liver are shrinking so the pain is better but apparently I have to take chemo forever. Not the forcast I would wish for but I guess we gotta do what’s necessary. Thank you for noticing my absence. It means a lot. Really! I hope all is well with you.

      • i KNOW lotsa people wondered… your photos get so many “likes” that your normal # would overwhelm me! okay … DAMN! colon? and i had what i consider just an “inconvenience” with prostate. if i had my life to do over, i’d re-consider how i would have proceeded. CHEMO 4-ever?! i hope you’re kidding. yeah (again) i/we went thru’ alternating surgery/chemo/radiation with Betty’s Hodgkins many years ago. kept everyone on short tethers for a while. wish you the best, and even though you feel your normal high quality may be impaired by lack of hi-Q desk time, stilll… take and POST sum pixures!

      • Thank you for the words and encouragement. I hope everyone your neck of the way is all good and past it all. Yep, dr. Said forever. A tad daunting huh. Oh well. I will do ny best to post some thing soon. I am enjoying springtime and outting a couple of flowers in some pots. Weeding, well, I hope to get to that. If we could get above the 40s and 50s perhaps. Thanks again, take it easy my friend!

  5. uh, weee-urd whether, weather. “spring in february” then april rain broke records for quantity. we is still green. a couple daze back i lamented at the never-ending tedium of “maintaining the premises”. Betty looked at me like i was the never-ending tedium of dimwit and asked what would we do instead?
    sigh. itz prawblee just azz well — instead of “art” i’d probably drink more beer and sleep in later.
    i would suspect you’re “on to” (investigating) “alternative”/not-mainstream medicine? i couldn’t begin to help but would provide Betty’s email address, as she has a fair degree of tendency that way (after all, the Hodgkins was about a half-year of just HECK). aleecadt@yahoo.com. tell her Rosco sent you.

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