Weekly Photo Challenge: Zig Zag

Ok, last of the three WPC’s I needed to catch up with: Zig Zag. Hmm. Kind of hard. Way harder than Summer Lovin’. It makes me think of rolling papers. Remember those? Well, I just looked and they still make them. Shows how much I know about rolling papers.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. A photo that shows Zig Zag……………………………………….Now, I am picturing Will Ferrell shouting, “Serpentine” while running from the dinosaur in a zig zag fashion in Land of the Lost. A very hilarious movie, btw. Crapballs. (Also a Will Ferrell line from that movie.)

Woo! Well, maybe not “Woo” per se, but it is kind of zig zaggy, in an up and down eye movement line following kind of way. Bear with me here. My dog Juni sleeps with interesting feet positions and this is as close as I am going to come to a Zig Zag photo today.

juni's feet zig zagging

Update: Happy Tails: Adopted!

Thanks to everyone who shared their hearts with me yesterday! We went to visit (and hopefully adopt George the Yorkie) (or whatever he is) and he was already ADOPTED! So, hell yeah! I am so glad he found a good home. He even has a doggie brother to play with, I am told. Also, lots of folks were there at the Franklin County Animal Shelter looking and adopting dogs, and cats too. Thank Goodness! The system worked for George!  We looked at all the other doggies and so many beautiful ones are there ready for some love. My son was very sad and wished we could have taken them all, but he understood that we could not. Lots of pit bull mixes were there. I wonder why that is the situation? One guy (Max) was super cute, a very large black and white lab-type mix dog I liked. He was very funny and cat-like as he sat up high in the window sill. But he wasn’t young-kid friendly.

So without further adieu: In celebration of George getting adopted, here is a photo of my Juni, who was found 2 years ago running around stray an hour south of here, enjoying my bed in the sunshine yesterday! 😉

Happy Tails, indeed!

the sun on my tum is fun!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Opal Kitty

I don’t like the word abandon. It conjures up too many things that feel very painful to me. This week especially has been wrought with worry. Last Sunday morning, on the way to a meeting, I came upon a young lady who was on the side of the road with a doggie (shown below) who looked in distress so I stopped. I asked if she was ok, and she said she saw the doggie and was waiting for Animal Control to come pick it up. Was the dog hurt? She didn’t know. He came to me but was limping a little. I let him sniff me and picked him up, telling him not to bite me. I held him, petting him softly, knowing that if the dog went into the system, it might not be good. The animal control got there and asked if it was our dog. I didn’t want to lie, so I said no. I told her the truth, that I was afraid he’d be put down if I let her have him. She said he needed to be seen by a vet. Either one of us or her. Since it was Sunday, not an easy day to find a vet. I worried that if it was MY dog, I wouldn’t want someone to just take him home; I’d want a chance to find my beloved lost little doggie. He had on a flea collar and had been neutered. I worried that he might fight with all the other animals at home, or not like kids. Sadly, I let him go to the shelter. He is still there. I have called every day, sometimes many times. He is currently awaiting dental surgery. He passed the vet inspection and the behavioral inspection. A few people have come in to see if he was theirs. No. On one hand, I regret letting him go. (The other woman said she couldn’t take him). On the other hand, I can’t save everyone. (I could easily turn into the animal and stuff hoarding lady with one wrong synapse surge…) I have 2 dogs (we lost our oldest on Dec 26th), 3 cats, (the newest is Opal who was dumped in the neighborhood), 3 rats, and a myriad of other things like fish and hermit crabs. Oh, and I have 2 kids. They are the only ones I brought into this world intentionally. The rest have been rescued. None through a shelter. I doubt they’d let me adopt. All my pets have issues. Issues that I can handle but they sure don’t look good on paper. I am praying a good loving person can come rescue “Yorkie 58180”. He is breaking my heart, as are all the thousands of dogs and cats I weep over looking at their sad faces everyday on Facebook. If only abandoning wasn’t such an easy thing for some people to do. Get your pets spayed or neutered. It does save lives.

abandoned and scared

abandoned and scared

An Evening with Juni

chilly sunset

The clouds were exciting today, and Juni and I took a long adventure at Alum Creek. It was a bit chilly, the ice sounded like wind chimes in the waves. Juni was pulling here and there, and wanted to get leaves dancing across the ice. Silly dog would have had an icy bath had I ever let go. I think he likes his newfound adventures. He likes watching the birds fly around, too. After we left a huge owl flew past the car! I saw where it landed and took its picture. It was 40 minutes after sundown so the picture stinks, but wow! I don’t see owls very often. In fact it has been 2 years since I have seen any, and then it was really only a glimpse as the pair I startled in the woods flew away from me, no shot at all. All in all, a great evening with my pal.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Our family has a new beginning, Opal. We just lost our dearest companion of 16 years, Ruby, on December 26th, 2013. 2012 at Thanksgiving we lost our beloved Perl. I truly believe Opal was sent to us by Ruby and Perl. She looks so much like Perl it is weird, like I am seeing things. Her eyes are different and she hisses at the dogs, but she is a love bug and so very sweet to us humans. I miss both Perl and Ruby very much. They will never be able to be replaced. I still look for Ruby during feeding and bedtime then I get that sinking feeling…”Oh, yeah”. I hope she is having a great new beginning wherever she is. 16 years is a long time. I believe Perl was 16 or 17, but she was only with us for several years, as her owner had to go to a nursing home. Ruby followed me everywhere. She’d even wake from a sound sleep to make sure I was still where she left me. It will be fun to learn the nuances of our new Opal. She was meant to be, literally brought to our home the day before yesterday, a week to the day after Ruby’s death.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

I am glad I am showing off my favorite companions today. I needed that! It’s a mishmash  but I love them all, especially the human ones!

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (part 1)

this cracks me up my pretty boy elegance personified Funny Juni Funny Juni 2My youngest dog Juni is quite the character. As I was wandering around my house trying to thing of something interesting to shoot “from above” he was getting all squirrely and rolling on the floor barking and playing and pushing off my legs. I wish the silly ones were in focus better, but with a fast-moving target at such close range, without a flash (which I still don’t have) that isn’t going to happen. My part 2 post of the weekly challenge also has some movement issues, but I have yet to capture a swallow in pure focus. I learned at a recent photography seminar, the way to get great shots of birds is with these things: a set-up for the birds (like food, water-pond or habitat, flowers, etc), a blind that you hide in for god knows how long, tripod, and a flash (especially off camera). So, not doing any of those things, I will say, ok, pretty good for using none of those things. Someday I will get a flash.  I have a tripod. I usually don’t feel like carrying it. As far as the set up and blind goes….the thought is nice. Only time will tell.



mmm, pie

mmm…pie and puppies and Ï€ ! Yum!

Posting at 1:59 pm for more math fun cause Ï€ is 3.14159…! Although it is just really blogging fun!

Have a great day! I can’t wait to eat some Blueberry pie later with my kids, but not dogs!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

watercolor olivia and juniAnd now, to catch up in Weekly Challenge Land, “The Kiss” challenge! Along with the myriad of other “challenges” that have been occurring lately has been the situation with my new computer. You may recall my “old” computer was so ridiculously slow it made me very unhappy at times. So: Yea! I bought a new one. Boo! F^(&!#g Photoshop DOES NOT WORK on the new fangled imac. Nor does it even have a spot to insert discs. Seriously. Also, good information to know (ahead of time). Someday I might be wise enough to look before I leap. Some people think it is charming, this “devil-may-care” attitude/personality disorder that I have. ;-* BUT, in the spirit of all things good, this has inspired me to *gasp* abandon said Photoshop and try new things. I am now armed with a totally free and extremely cool program called Gimp. I used Gimp to make the above image today. I studied a youtube video by a very talented guy named Chris Fiedler and used some of his direction to create this “watercolor” photo above. I am also trying Pixelmator (made by Apple). Gimp is more like Photoshop (except it is FREE! ha ha ha ha ha). I also have Aperture and Colorstrokes. It is hard to get used to different programs. Everything is done in a different way. But like anything, trying new things can have significant benefits. It is either that, or try tech support for who knows how long, possibly spend $1000 (yes, that is what the new Photoshop costs) and still have problems. From what I have read, there are a lot of severe incompatibility problems (even though they say not) with all versions of Photoshop and the new Mountain Leopard, Mountain Lion, whatever, format. Why are all their systems named after big cats? Who can remember which. Why can’t they just use the number? They have one, but that is not what is used. Silly. “How old are you?” “Oh, I am Tyrannosaurus Rex.” “Ah, I see. Ok. Whatever that means.” Can you imagine? Funny. (Or, perhaps, I am just showing my real age, I sound like my Dad used to).  Live and Learn, right? At least I am doing both.

And another: I had to add Angelo and Juni. Gotta be fair. I like it, but I think the first one lends itself better to the beauty of the “watercolor”.
watercolor angelo and juni

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

puppy loveLOVE. To me it represents everything. I blog about what I love, so every post represents love. This post represents unadulterated love with the 2 people whom I love more than anything in the entire universe. And what do they love? Their puppy. And he loves them. Of course I know they love me too, but that isn’t a choice, really. If they need a moment, they hug Juni. Soft and fun, always up for a kiss and a hug. Mind you, Juni could have been a better subject, he was very lick-y and squirm-y. But that is ok, the love still shines though the minor focus issues. 😉