Perfect timing! I used the “Color Splash Studio” program to colorize Juni’s tongue. It is really an easy program to use, I highly recommend it. It is an Apple thing, so it might only work on a MAC but I am sure the PC’s have something similar.

Foggy Doggy

foggymorningRuby in the fog...This morning we had some pretty good fog. I woke up really early because I had a bunch of stuff to do this morning and my anxious mind wakes me up to not miss things.  I had to take a report to my son’s classroom, Ruby was getting dropped off at the vet for a teeth cleaning at 8:30 and I had an appointment at 9:30. I wanted to shoot the fog and decided to take Ruby so she could have fun before her appointment. Ruby had a blast, I made all my appointments, got to shoot the fog, and dear old Ruby only had to have 6 teeth removed. Ha, ONLY…..OW! Luckily I was only charged for one, otherwise it would have been a very expensive teeth cleaning. Maybe she needs doggie dentures? I am picking her up in a bit. She came through it all swimmingly. They even said I could keep her teeth. Hee Hee. Oh yeah, did I mention I LOVE fog? It was heavenly. We were there surrounded in a blanket of fog before the sun came up. It was like being in a cloud. What could be better?


Happy Birthday Ruby

Yesterday was my older doggie Ruby’s birthday. She turned 15! WOW! She is a pointer who still is funny and plays and runs. Yesterday was also my Dad’s Birthday. Tomorrow is mine. It is always a bit sad for me because my dad, who was my best friend and understood me and loved me more than anyone, has been gone from this existence since 2004. He always thought it was funny Ruby and he shared the same birthday. He called her the uncontrolled missile.   He would have been 87. My mom passed in 2003, and I often wonder what it is like moving on, can they see us, do they come back, etc.  All those who have passed before us stay in our hearts, but I wish there was some way we could talk to them. Like a Skype to the next life. In 2005 the day after my lab Frida turned 15, she passed away. So that was a bad day after a doggie’s 15th birthday. I chose to celebrate Ruby and her ongoing happiness here, because it is way better than being sad. Cheers to the bouncing Ruby! May she continue to enjoy this life!!

Weekly Challenge: Everyday Life

Here is Juni, looking all cute and innocent. Ugh, puppies. What was I thinking? So my version of this weeks challenge (Everyday Life) is a 2 parter. Juni, looking down on me is part one. I like it because it is clean and simple and funny, and in my opinion my kind of photo. Metaphorically speaking, it represents my everyday life of how my too many damn pets have me at their mercy. I am their slave. Most people would not put up with their crap. But, alas, I love them and will do my best to give them a good life. Part 2 (below) is the rest of my kitchen from the sofa (where Juni is laying and not supposed to be) and beyond, my hub, our life center, which is hard for me too keep clean. I decided to make this photo of the kitchen hub/total cluster as artistic as possible, so I used the Photoshop stained glass filter. Now it looks kind of like a cool funky abstract, and does not let the world know how much I abhor housekeeping, as well as being at its mercy as well!!!  😉 Ahhh… everyday life!

Run Ruby Run

I love watching Ruby run!!! She just loves it and it is so fun to watch! Talk about a Free Spirit! Ruby is a Pointer Mix (German Short Haired x French Pointer). She is about 40 lbs, and almost 15 years old, almost deaf, separation anxiety, and a little goofy. My Dad used to call her the “Uncontrolled Missile”. Even though she has some arthritis, she will still run around beautifully when I take her out. I used to run her every day, but since she can’t hear me much, or chooses not to, I don’t so much any more. She won’t run away, but she will go on roads, up to people, in front of bikes, etc. She also does not know to take it easy, so she goes all out and then is sore for a few days. She still will play with Juni, our new, young, full of other issues, Beagle x Lab x Boxer rescue. But he runs AWAY, not looking back (I almost lost him twice and he is a rescue from 60 miles south of here. People looked for an owner for over a month, he probably ran there from California- ha ha, or was a stray- he has protective food issues, and gobbles down anything he can), so we go to a completely fenced in area to run around. This photo is Ruby running on the dam at Alum Creek State Park. Below is Mr. Juni (aka June Bug or Buggles). He is lucky he is so cute and soft and sweet MOST of the time. Ahhhh, the puppy make me appreciate the old dog. 😉