Testing testing

I broke down and decided to go back to the dark side and get a smart phone. I am creating this post on said phone. Fyi: Virgin Mobile has awesome phone plans. Anyway, I am testing out the WordPress app with a photo of me  in front of my fair art. It won the Peggy R McConnell art award. Not sure of any reasoning behind the award. But it is thrilling to win it!!!! Now to find how to add the photo…


O.k. there it is. We spent the day at the fair yesterday. I got my face sunburnt. Ow. Here is some of the fair fun:







Fun! Well, this app is easy and fun to use. Heading back to the fair today. Wearing a damn hat and sunscreen. Woo!

Happy Independence Day

taken at the  Zanesville Municipal Airport this week fireworks in PittsburghI am very grateful to live in the United States. Happy 4th of July to everyone. The freedom we have to do most anything we want should never be forgotten. Nor should being kind to one another. I wish for happiness and freedom for everyone, within and without, here and there, now and forever.


Abstract Attack part II

I am really liking the abstract photos. I think these would look really great lit up from behind. While they have their own luminescence, the color the computer gives them might not be matched in a print.

Sleepy Sunny Sunday

nature pond goose ripples science projectAnother beautiful day in good ol’ Columbus, Ohio! We got up early (yes, even losing an hour) to take some sunrise photos. There were some nice cloud formations and some exciting goose moments. The red-headed duck I saw yesterday was still hanging out, and his friends (who don’t match) came back (they had left yesterday and he stayed with the geese). The third photo does not belong, but I included it because it is fun. And the sweeping curves are similar, maybe tying them all together in some esoteric kind of way (?) ~~~~ green bubbles forming on an egg in colored vinegar for a science project. Enjoy this lovely day! I hope yours is a nice as mine. I even have all my windows open!!!

red and friends landing speed!


Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

How exciting! Phoneography! So, this was REALLY a challenge, as my phone is not only not a “smart” phone, but a real cheap-o. The phone is a Huawei Pillar and the camera has “VGA Resolution” which mean .3 megapixels. Yes, you read that right!!!!! Ha ha! But I pay $25 a month and have 300 voice minutes and unlimited texting. I can even play UNO on it as well as Bubble-Bash. SO, I got that going for me. Anyway, back to the task at hand. These photos are so bad…(how bad are they) yes, I am that old,  photos from my phone probably would not even hold up in court as evidence. So, I took a few photos around my house, down the street, a reflection of Ruby looking out the door at me on my deck and my backyard,with a window reflection of the sunset, my normal daily stuff. And, since they all stunk, I played with them on the “Pixelmator”. Apple’s photo fun program I bought since I still haven’t been able to put my Photoshop on my new computer. I don’t think my camera phone is something I would want to use for really anything in the future, but for this it was fun. And I learned what “VGA Resolution” means. I bet it stands for Really Grainy Ass-pointless resolution .

The Subject at Hand

my museHere is an in-focus photo of my muse for my abstract photos recently posted. This beautiful orange glass bowl was a gift from a dear friend who was moving and loves collecting things even more than I do. I do not know of its history, but it is fantastic! And, ha ha, it is sitting on a polka-dotted chair that I bought for a couple of dollars from my neighbors when they were moving. I hope I didn’t ruin the mystery too much! I just heard from another dear friend how much he appreciated the out of focus photos and it really made him understand why he liked his out of focus photos even though his critics questioned their existence. Quoting this friend, “One man’s weed, another man’s flower!”

“I get by with a little help from my friends!” ~ the Beatles

Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE (part 2, proof!)

hearts in nature or you are lovedI get a lot of reminders, pings, whatever you want to call them, that LOVE is all around me. I am loved. Here is some proof that love is everywhere. I take photos of them when I can. These are from 2012. Go LOVE!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

puppy loveLOVE. To me it represents everything. I blog about what I love, so every post represents love. This post represents unadulterated love with the 2 people whom I love more than anything in the entire universe. And what do they love? Their puppy. And he loves them. Of course I know they love me too, but that isn’t a choice, really. If they need a moment, they hug Juni. Soft and fun, always up for a kiss and a hug. Mind you, Juni could have been a better subject, he was very lick-y and squirm-y. But that is ok, the love still shines though the minor focus issues. 😉


Fallstreak Feather Fun

Fallstreak Feather Fallstreak Feather and friends flying past, the fallstreak featherLast Saturday, we took a little car trip north-west to see what we could see. Destination Indian Lake. We stopped at a Metro Park along the way (Glacier Ridge) and then to the Highest Point in Ohio. That was pretty nifty, although very modest. But, it had a brick box (kind of like a mail box with drawers) that had a guest registry and certificates of visitation. Too cute! Then we drove on and checked out all around Indian Lake. It was fun recognizing some Indian names my daughter is studying in 4th grade social studies. We ate in the car, picnic style. I forgot a knife, so I had to spread the peanut butter and jelly with my pocket knife! Ha ha! Whoops! But that is what makes the great memories. (I know I would never remember the time my family and I went on an impromptu “picnic” one summer when I was little if it weren’t for the fact that Kentucky Friend Chicken gave us no utensils with our to-go order. Eating mashed potatoes and gravy with fingers in the park was hilarious and very memorable!) Then, at the almost end of our very cloudless and windy day, in rolled the clouds!!!!! There were so many different types a clouds, it was such a glorious gift! So, I froze my fingers, my kids waited so patiently in the car, and I received a gorgeous grand finale to a very fun day!




Perfect timing! I used the “Color Splash Studio” program to colorize Juni’s tongue. It is really an easy program to use, I highly recommend it. It is an Apple thing, so it might only work on a MAC but I am sure the PC’s have something similar.