More than Reasonably Clever

We 3 in LegoI wanted to share what I got for silly fun! Artist Christopher Doyle has a website called and you can design your own lego figure!!!! How fun is that?!? With shipping we got all three for $20.37. And it came with-in days. This includes all you see (except the glasses, I photoshopped those in). That is a camera I am holding! And a pink coffee mug! Angelo has a light saber and a ray gun, Olivia has a popsicle and a doggie. In my opinion, it is much too fun not to share. (FYI: In case this seems too “ad-like”, I have not been hacked, Mr. Doyle has no idea I am telling you this.) He also has a lot more fun stuff on his site that I want to check out. I found him by googling “make your own lego person” because I had a wild hair that I wanted to make us as legos. So, instead of doing chore, I made mini-us’! Ha! My kids love legos, and through their enthusiasm, now I do too. 😉 Again, thank you Mr. Doyle for your great idea and great service! FUN!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

creek drops walk in the woods rose drops field super cool deck xmas owlI took an exhilarating walk this morning in a different spot. It was another beautiful foggy morning, with some sprinkling as the morning went on. The temperature was chilly but not cold. You know, gloves, but no long johns. I took my walk in a Metro Park close to my house, Highbanks. I usually drive by it on my way to Alum Creek, but I am going to have to go here more often. It is a beautiful woodsy park with a lot of trails and hills with streams and so much beauty. All of the photos (except the last, obviously) are from Highbanks. The last one is of my new friend, who sits atop our Christmas tree. He is a real beauty!!!!!! (No animals were harmed in the making of the owl). I came home today and looked to see what the Weekly Challenge was. How cool that my morning walk was a perfect example of the changing seasons to me!

PS. As I look my photos, the first photo reminds me of the Pink Floyd Album cover “Meddle”, one of my all-time favorite albums! Ahhhh…..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I am ever thankful for my 2 favorite people, my children! If nothing else was good, life would still be great because I get to share it with them!

Here we are on a nature adventure. This is our favorite thing to do, and we were so lucky to have this day together. Nov., 21, 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I love the color green! I love what it looks like, where we see it, what it stands for, all representations! Well, all versions, except I am a little conflicted over money. Is money in countries where their money is not green called another color? Hmmm……let me know if you know! Perhaps I am too green in that area! hahahah! Anyway, I am not blogging about the evils of the almighty dollar. Although, I will say, my biggest “pet peeve” aka trigger aka one of the most horribly offensive personality “traits” (although there are a few) is entitlement, not financial wealth. But that is a whole other story. We are here to praise the glories of GREEN! Go green go!

Again, I have missed my blog, but boy, what a week. I have triumphed though, and ready for more. Life’s little trials and tribulations sometimes take too much time away from all things fun and good. I did get to take some photos. But I spent a fair amount of time fighting fruit-flies, tending my son with the flu (boo!!!), tending my poor diabetic 9 lived kitty, and tending myself with a shoulder that only a GIANT shot of steroid could tackle. I will say, I am grateful for 2 working arms, the finding of a giant bag of rotten potatoes lurking in the dark, more time with my Perly kitty, and a feeling better sweetheart of a son! Woo! OH! And GREAT AWESOME NEWS! My daughter’s photo made it to the next round of district level competition! Heck yes!

And FYI: My gratitude led me to begin a slightly different venture (it’s still a blog) but if you feel so inclined please visit. It’s all about gratitude and being happy!!!! I just made it today, but I think it will be a good one. 😉 Happy Bea. 

CHEERS! Go Green!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal (part II)

I just had to show off the result of my 10-year-old daughter’s first real photography project. Although I fully admit to helping a bit, she shot the photo using a cable release and tripod, chose which photo she liked the best and edited it herself!! The gray edges are so it could be printed out as an 8×10 to submit for a school contest where the theme was: “The Magic of the Moment” ! I love it. And, I am proud of myself for keeping my opinion to a minimum, (which is REALLY hard for me). 😉


Fall Fun Fantastic-ness

Not much to say about this montage, other than this fall seems to have the colors lasting longer than usual. So, cheers to fall color! It is a genuine treat to enjoy the outdoors!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Both of these photos are from  Alum Creek State Park. The one of my kids is a few years old. I loved it so much, I made a huge enlargement of it, about 3×4 feet. The second one is from a few days ago. It was an accident, but a happy one!


Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG


My weekly challenge on Big is about a BIG adventure I had in 2010!

My very first trip to Big San Francisco consisted of:

  • Meeting my Birth Mom for the very first time (and Aunt and Uncle) YEA!
  • Seeing a fantastic Season Opening Night Symphony Concert gala featuring Lang Lang (a first)
  • Going up on Mt. Tamalpais for the first time (little scary eek)
  • Exploring the Sutro Bath ruins and visiting the Cliff House on the Pacific Ocean
  • Seeing Redwood Trees for the first time
  • Seeing a giant pile of Sea Lions for the first time
  • Learning a lot about myself and where I came from and who I want to be

It was a great trip and full of big things! I hope you enjoy all the BIG-ness too!


Happy Birthday to my Mom. Today would be her 87th Birthday. She passed away in February of 2003. Unfortunately she was gone long before that, suffering from Alzheimer’s for over a decade. I feel like I never really got to know her. I hope she can see her grandchildren. She would have just adored them!

Here is a really cool photo of her with the Dog Petey from “Our Gang”. Pretty neat. I tried to make her face a little more defined, it was rather faded. Love you Mom. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

At first I kept looking for the Weekly Photo Challenge. A blip made it a little late last week. Then after it came, I was inundated with everything but the time to blog. But I was thinking about it. Like they say, “You can’t take it with you” and even though I have many things, many loves, a lot of crap, a lot of pets, a lot of favorites, the only thing that is truly mine (at least during this lifetime) that I can show you is me. One of my favorite parts of me that no one can take is my body art. They are all personal, in fact, I like keeping them covered. They are for me and me alone, not to make me cool or different. (Although they do – haha). Plus keeping them covered keeps them from fading in the sun. I get compliments to my face, probably other comments behind my back. What-ev, as my daughter says. I like them, wish I was fully covered. But it gets old being sore and healing, and they are expensive, and I can’t imagine being tattooed with no pants on, so there is nothing on my thighs, so I havent been tattooed in a while.

So anyway, this is my photo of MINE. 😉