In Flight Meal


The seagulls are so fun to watch as the fly erratically through the air biting at the mayflies.

Tranquil Evening


First evening on Beaver Island, MI. My kids don’t think the water is chilly at all. All photos taken with my phone.



Being In Alignment

cloud window

What you might be looking for sometimes isn’t what you think you need. Who are you in your true identity?  How do you connect with your soul? And, what your true agenda is here in this life? Do you live for the true agenda of your soul? Hmm. I am listening to Neale Donald Walsch’s, “Living from your Soul.” It is interesting. Living in the expression of love, compassion, patience, etc. the qualities that make you alive. Experience and express every aspect of divinity that flows through us. Give people back to themselves. Succinctly: Good gets good. Ask yourself, “What does this have to do with the agenda of my soul?” or “Is that all there is?”

Friends in High Places

This week has had some spectacular sunsets. We had a few small storm clouds roll through and then clear up. It was really hot and humid, but we have been lucky to get some really nice days in the 70s yesterday and today. Windows open!

Not So Usual Sightings

Here is a group of photos that have a couple of things in common, even though at first sight they probably look rather diverse. Obviously they are all taken by me, but they all contain things that are not seen as often as would be nice! They are also all from the last few days. I hope you enjoy the double rainbow, monarch butterfly (in my garden on my milkweed, yea!) a heart-shaped cloud that is in shadow, and a green heron. If you look you might be surprised at what you see!

Soft and Sweet

I am swooning~ soft and sweet and floating like my heart~

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

For my weekly photo challenge: Room, I am using photos from a recent school trip to our Columbus Zoo. I love animals and nature.  Zoos make me rather sad. Rarely do I see an animal and think, “Wow, is that a happy animal!” And while they teach us about animals and might bring more awareness to conservation, I can’t help but be sad. There are some horrific zoos in the world and ours is supposed to be one of the best. Still, it is sad. I think if the animals had a choice, they rather be doing what they are supposed to be doing, out in nature. I don’t think they think they have it good and are being protected by poachers or hunters or even their natural predators. I think they think, “Is that all there is….?” I think they think that their room is confining and limited. Imagine if my mother kept me locked in my room (as great as my room was) for my entire life. Not a life at all.

Oh Mammatus!

Short and sweet: Last night we had a small storm cell go through. My favorite clouds, the mammatus, were spectacular!!! And we saw and heard some big bullfrogs and were graced by many red winged blackbirds and swallows! Glory Be!