Fair Art Update

Country Calm I wanted to update you on my Fair Submissions. Out of the five photos I submitted, “Country Calm” was accepted into the show. Even more exciting is the fact that it won some kind of award. I was notified of it’s award status yesterday via email. I do not know which specific award; we learn the specifics during the Opening Reception (7/23/13). I had it framed professionally with a black floating mat and subtly patterned black frame. It is printed on a wonderful paper called “Somerset Velvet”. It makes it look like an Intaglio print with torn paper edges, with room for signature and title. I will take a photo at the reception. It is very exciting, and best of all, encouraging! Yea!



I submitted these 5 photos to the Ohio State Fair’s Fine Art Competition this morning. Deadline, tomorrow. I had a painting there last year. It was fun. Although most of the art was really good, there were some real stinkers, in my opinion. Oh well. We can’t make everyone happy. It was really hard to decide what to choose. Clouds, landscape, brooding moody art statement making heavy stuff, clever, humorous, weird… who knows??? I felt like I was trying to choose a pick 6 at the horse races. So, I think I went with my intuition. I had 5 chosen the other day, but they were random, doable, maybe fine. Maybe they were winners. Maybe I could have the pick 6 (5, really since there are only 5 photos)? I have no PPs to look at, no odds, nothing. Just me and my gazillion photos to look at. I felt like I was over thinking it. In horse racing, sometimes I win. When are intuition and guessing the same? Sometimes you just have to place the bet. In case you are curious, these photos are macro shots of parts of different paintings I did. Acrylic paint on acrylic sheet, watercolor on paper. I like them. I sometimes paint like this to see where the paint goes, what it does with little guidance. It is small or large, close or far away? What do you see in there? The idea that we are all connected, literally and figuratively by light and energy and spirit. That what is small is big and so forth. That is what these represent. And they are cool. I will let you know if any get accepted. Now I have to go and make 10 bean bags. Maybe I will sew them tomorrow.

Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOR

jelly 3 2 jellies jelly 1 water "color"Last week was Spring Break. I visited Cincinnati, Ohio, with my kids for a few days, and it was really fun! And colorful! I am going to do last week’s photo challenge, A Day in My Life using photos from our trip. But, this was too perfect to wait any longer. I LOVE colors, all day, everyday!!! The jellyfish were hard to shoot as usual, but the aquarium was super crowded and made it even harder. The water image is from a giant reflecting pool that has an abstract image painted on the bottom. It is in a park on the hill near the Cincinnati Art Museum, which is also super fantastic by the way. But more on that later when I do last week’s challenge. Soon.


Abstract Attack part II

I am really liking the abstract photos. I think these would look really great lit up from behind. While they have their own luminescence, the color the computer gives them might not be matched in a print.

The Subject at Hand

my museHere is an in-focus photo of my muse for my abstract photos recently posted. This beautiful orange glass bowl was a gift from a dear friend who was moving and loves collecting things even more than I do. I do not know of its history, but it is fantastic! And, ha ha, it is sitting on a polka-dotted chair that I bought for a couple of dollars from my neighbors when they were moving. I hope I didn’t ruin the mystery too much! I just heard from another dear friend how much he appreciated the out of focus photos and it really made him understand why he liked his out of focus photos even though his critics questioned their existence. Quoting this friend, “One man’s weed, another man’s flower!”

“I get by with a little help from my friends!” ~ the Beatles

Sunday Afternoon

for my friend on her birthdayHere is a fun thing I made for a friend on her Birthday. She loves red. I love playing with images. So, this is from an abstract photo, put through 3 different editing programs. It reminds me of blood platelets or outer space.

I hope she likes it. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

Chain of Events

The sky last night was beautiful, but I didn’t get any real good shots. My continuing frustration of trying to find a spot to shoot the sky goes on. If only I could fly. I have toyed with the idea of building a ladder to go way up on my roof, but I still don’t think I would be able to see over the tall trees. And I could fall off and that would suck. Ugh. It is very frustrating. And even though going up on the dam gives me a view, and even though the drive is only about 20 minutes, things change so fast in that time and distance.

As it got darker I decided to hold the shutter open longer and longer catching car lights. Which led to driving with the shutter open. That was FUN! And pretty cool.

Photo Abstract. I like it.