Airport Evening

The night before last had some beautiful clouds, but they were headed southward. This means that I must follow them, to where? I decided the airport parking garage held the best possibilities for a nice sunset. The clouds kept moving south away from me, but the view was still nice.

About Last Night

Last evening was just gorgeous! Here is a couple of shots of the moon. It was just breathtaking, and the gnats or whatever invades the air at Alum Creek seems to be less everywhere. Venus is by the moon. Saturn was up above somewhere, but I didn’t see it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

I enjoy an unusual Point of View, probably everyday, or at least I like to think so. But here are some photos that have an unusual point of view. Most are taken while being on or in something I am usually not: Helicopter, Airplane, Raft, Giant Bridge, SkyGlider RIde, Giant Ferris Wheel. Some are rather blah artistically, but the subject is interesting. It isn’t often these sights are seen, nonetheless from this point of view. If you look closely, the super-unicycle riding jugglers were throwing giant swords to each other, and then a grandma from the audience was to throw one at one of the guys. We were passing overhead on the sky ride when this feat of talent was going on.

Plane SKies (III)

green rectangleI love the lines seen here. I am not really sure what they are. And the green rectangle and circle and quite curious to me as well.


Plane Skies (II)

plane skies IISecond in the series Plane Skies. You can read about it here. 😉


Plane Skies (I)

Plane Skies 1.0Today is the first of a series I will post about photos I took a few years ago while flying to (or from) San Francisco. I was perusing older photos, which are in a different area since I have so many, to create a post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea. I forgot about these photos for the most part, but I fell in love with them. When I first looked at them in ’09 I wasn’t impressed, wishing they were technically better, wishing I had taken my big girl camera, but now seeing them again I feel differently. I decided to create a series in posts with these, because one post of a combination of them wouldn’t show their importance. Here is my thinking: 1. I like them. 2.They hold personal significance (My first time to San Fransisco, except when I was born, and I met my birth mother for the first time on this trip). 3. Travelling is a luxury. Doubtless, many people travel by plane, but more cannot, and never get to experience the myriad of feelings and sights one has while flying. 4. Travelling for me is a luxury, and a pain in the ass. (2 words: PETS & KIDS). 5. Luck. If you are lucky enough to fly, you must be even more lucky to be able to see beautiful skies, clouds, and land and take photos of them out your window. Not to mention having a camera, and not crashing. 6. Our World. I wish for a world of peace and beauty and love. 7. I like them. I like that they were taken with a point and shoot, kind of grainy (noisy) and have stupid window reflections in them. They remind me of being a kid taking photos on trips with my instamatic, being a kid, being free, and being free in my life, for which I am very grateful.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. It makes me want to fly again. I better start saving my pennies.



grace under pressureSometimes it is really hard to not let some things get really far under your skin (and turn into a festering problem). Trying to rise above it, turning the other cheek, being thankful for all the good things. And breathe deep………………… enjoy the beauty and know that it will be over sometime.

(Photo taken in September 2009, flying either to or from San Francisco)


After the Storm

The other night, July 10th, another big storm line swept through Ohio. In it’s wake, we have been enjoying wonderful temperatures, low humidity, and perfect breezes. This sunset was a fine beauty giving us the rare “anti-crepuscular” rays. Opposite the sunset in the sky they are the result opposite of the phenomenon of crepuscular rays (the ones that look like something holy reigning down on us through the clouds. (To super simplify: Basically clouds can make shadows or carry light in their moisture). Love it!