Happy New Year 2014 (part II)

1114 sunsetThe First Sunset of 2014. A foreshadowing of peace, beauty, & adventure, I am hoping!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Happy Happy Fishy JumpingSo, my “Unexpected” photo might be exactly what you think. Here, I was actually trying to catch a glimpse of the jumping little fishies. What was unexpected was that they would be jumping in the first place. I went to shoot the sunset at Alum Creek last summer, and what do you know….yes, little jumping fishes. Surprise! Lots of them. But they are really hard to catch in an image, because you never know where they will jump up. Hence the water ring. I have seen the big ones jump up, which is next to impossible to catch on camera. All you hear is a huge splash, maybe catch a glimpse of one out of the corner of your eye. But these little guys were new to me. 😉 A fisherman said they thought they were trying to elude the bigger fish.This was a fun Challenge!! Trying to catch the jumping fish is similar in trying to catch lightning and shooting stars.


fall funIn order to get the right exposure of the fall trees and the beautiful sky….I had to cheat. The top and bottom are 2 separate photos I merged together in Pixelmator. If you don’t examine the line too closely it looks pretty good!


A Little Perspective

These photos are from yesterday, and show a bit more of the story of the interesting clouds. They were enormous and spanned the sky. Maybe that is what the vultures were talking about, “The clouds are THIS big”? Ha ha. Anyway, if you are a cloud expert and know what these clouds might be, I would love to know. I am pretty sure they are Arcus clouds which can come in the form of roll clouds or shelf clouds. There also were a few cumulus clouds floating below the roll clouds. There could also be some cirrocumulus. Keep in mind, I am not expert and this is my best educated guess. If you can contribute any more information, I would LOVE it!!

Sweet Dreams

On a rollI spent today running around with the kids doing mandatory errands. Then all of a sudden these tube like clouds emerged and LUCKILY I had actually brought my camera in the car. So I took a detour and a break from the rush and got some spectacular shots! I could have stayed longer, but had to get back to rushing. I am super tired and can’t wait to go to sleep and have the sweetest of dreams.


Come Sail Away

Special ElixirThe beauty of a sailboat as it glides by is as majestic as the rising of the moon, the setting of the sun, or the embrace of one who really gets you, no questions asked.

About Last Night

Last evening was just gorgeous! Here is a couple of shots of the moon. It was just breathtaking, and the gnats or whatever invades the air at Alum Creek seems to be less everywhere. Venus is by the moon. Saturn was up above somewhere, but I didn’t see it.

Oh What a Night!

I headed out last evening because the clouds were gorgeous.  I had also intended to shoot the moon, haha, no really, so off I went, camera in hand. Nothing else though, I was in too much of a hurry to make sure I had my damn glasses or a tripod. After stopping at a few spots for the clouds and seeing a dark storm north of me, I went to the top of the Alum Creek Dam. The storm was just north and wasn’t going too fast. I usually don’t go on the dam during a storm, because it is high and you are never really close to your car. But I parked as close to the stairs (all 104 of them…) and went to the top. The dark seemed far enough away to give me time to get to the car if it headed south. After I caught my breath, I had about an hour to kill before the moon was to show. But the storm hung around, the clouds were exciting and the lightning started a spectacular show. I sat down on the ground so I wouldn’t be the highest object there, and steadied my camera as best I could on my knee, braced with my chin. A tripod would have been nice, who knew I’d be taking 1-2 second long shots? I did see a bit of the moon, but the fun was all in the storm. I shot until my memory card ran out, deleted some and shot some more. My lack of glasses tested my knowledge of the settings, but considering my set up, I am very happy with the outcome. It never rained, never got fierce. I was not the only person up top. And I didn’t get zapped. Out of over 900 photos taken these were my favorites. I hope you enjoy them! It was just heavenly being there.

Spring Fever

sunset lookout below envyI have been busy, it seems. But not too busy to take photos. I have some catching up to do, so I am starting with a sunset. Boy, do I envy the kayaker! These are taken at Alum Creek, Delaware, Ohio. Taken April 15th, 2013