Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOR

jelly 3 2 jellies jelly 1 water "color"Last week was Spring Break. I visited Cincinnati, Ohio, with my kids for a few days, and it was really fun! And colorful! I am going to do last week’s photo challenge, A Day in My Life using photos from our trip. But, this was too perfect to wait any longer. I LOVE colors, all day, everyday!!! The jellyfish were hard to shoot as usual, but the aquarium was super crowded and made it even harder. The water image is from a giant reflecting pool that has an abstract image painted on the bottom. It is in a park on the hill near the Cincinnati Art Museum, which is also super fantastic by the way. But more on that later when I do last week’s challenge. Soon.


Cheerio Mate!

Here is my cool snail that lives with my cool catfish! He looks like he is saying hello!!!

Such nifty creatures!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

I love Jellyfish. I got to see a super cool display of them at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. That place is FANTASTIC! I wish I could see that exhibition everyday. I used these shots for the Free Spirit challenge because the jellyfish seem to be so free, going with the flow,  just doing their thing. Beautiful and Free! It is a glorious way to be!!!