Fair Art Update

Country Calm I wanted to update you on my Fair Submissions. Out of the five photos I submitted, “Country Calm” was accepted into the show. Even more exciting is the fact that it won some kind of award. I was notified of it’s award status yesterday via email. I do not know which specific award; we learn the specifics during the Opening Reception (7/23/13). I had it framed professionally with a black floating mat and subtly patterned black frame. It is printed on a wonderful paper called “Somerset Velvet”. It makes it look like an Intaglio print with torn paper edges, with room for signature and title. I will take a photo at the reception. It is very exciting, and best of all, encouraging! Yea!


Abstract Attack part II

I am really liking the abstract photos. I think these would look really great lit up from behind. While they have their own luminescence, the color the computer gives them might not be matched in a print.

The Subject at Hand

my museHere is an in-focus photo of my muse for my abstract photos recently posted. This beautiful orange glass bowl was a gift from a dear friend who was moving and loves collecting things even more than I do. I do not know of its history, but it is fantastic! And, ha ha, it is sitting on a polka-dotted chair that I bought for a couple of dollars from my neighbors when they were moving. I hope I didn’t ruin the mystery too much! I just heard from another dear friend how much he appreciated the out of focus photos and it really made him understand why he liked his out of focus photos even though his critics questioned their existence. Quoting this friend, “One man’s weed, another man’s flower!”

“I get by with a little help from my friends!” ~ the Beatles