Airport Evening

The night before last had some beautiful clouds, but they were headed southward. This means that I must follow them, to where? I decided the airport parking garage held the best possibilities for a nice sunset. The clouds kept moving south away from me, but the view was still nice.

Weekly Photo Challenge: UP

contrails overheadIf you look really close, you can see a tiny plane adding his signature to the sky (lower mid right). I love looking up! It is a small miracle I haven’t tripped or driven into something.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

fly away freeover hill and daleFuture Tense: To me, the sky is always about the immediate future, because the moment never stays still or stagnant. Add a plane racing across the sky, carrying people off to their adventures, ta da: Future Tense. I took these yesterday, chilly, breezy, but signs of Spring all around. There were a lot of Red-Winged Blackbirds. Got some nice shots of them, but saving for later. Stay tuned!