Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

old house

old barn

For this week’s photo challenge, Relic, I am using photos of a couple of places I came across while doing my favorite thing: driving around looking to see what I can see. One, an old house in a town nearby,and second, and old barn. I really like old decaying buildings, the textures and colors always beautiful. Only time and weather can create such detail. Oh, on a sidenote, I added a “Retrospective” page of photos from my favorite spot, Alum Creek Reservoir. Please visit the link at the top and enjoy.

I’m a Little Bit Country

white barn creekside river viewOne of my favorite things to do is go for a drive. No, not a drive to get somewhere, although that can be fun too, singing and driving, tra la la, but I LOVE a drive to see whatever I can see. I have loved doing this as long as I can remember. I like seeing the country especially. There is so much to see, no matter the weather. Driving though a city is fine, neighborhoods too, but the country….ahhh! We had several gray days so when the sun popped out the other day I hopped in my car. It was so pretty and the colors of the sky combined with the white of the snow was just breathtaking. The sky reflecting in the water was just beautiful, too. I almost kept driving past the barn, but the varieties of the whites were too amazing to let go. This particular area was very quiet with not many cars. That makes it even better. I find people driving on my bumper stressful, that is never fun, but this day I was in nobody’s way. And these days, with GPS, I don’t get lost at all! 😉