Below Zero

Frosty Sunset

This was taken out my bedroom window the day before yesterday. It was probably a beautiful sunset, but it was below zero by 10 or so and with the crazy wind, it was technically assfreakinfreezing. I’ve been out in way colder (-35;-85 wind chill, this was in Minnesota, not Ohio, and it seems more normal there), and I could hack it easily by dressing well. I actually delivered 100 newspapers that day. Ahh, memories. But, I digress. So this cold spell, we stayed home, played in the house, and I took a few photos out the window. You know it’s cold when the doggies have to make 2 trips to finish their business because their feet start freezing before they can accomplish both. The house made large cracking noises. But today it was back in the above zero temperatures, and all is well. No loss of power, which would have been not fun at all. I am grateful that didn’t happen. This photo looks foggy because I was having fun breathing really hard on the window making fake fog. 😉 I hope you didn’t lose power, or live somewhere with gleeful weather.