The Cheese Stands Alone


accepted: Digital photo 16×24 ┬ę2014 Christie Thomas

This was the only piece accepted at this year’s Ohio State Fair. I am super glad that I got this in, but I was very disappointed that my butterfly print collage didn’t make it. I was joking with a friend that perhaps it wasn’t “dark” enough, and perhaps if the butterflies were bloody the judge might have liked it better. So, after I went through the stages of rejection: disbelief, sadness, confusion, & self doubt, I made it to humor. Then I took it to the frame shop and treated myself to a super kick-ass frame with non reflective glass and everything! Take that fair judge! ­čśë

"A Mother's Love"

rejected at the fair… 20×30 hand cut linoleum block printed butterflies, chine-colle, watercolor, metallic pigment, watercolor board, rice paper, origami paper, watercolor paper May 2014 ┬ęChristie Thomas

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Yes, I am playing catch-up again! School is out, fun is happening, things are getting done. It is hard to find the time to blog. But, it is always a priority in my heart. And I am still taking photos, always, as much as possible. For my “Fleeting” photos: some pigeons in flight, the edge of a big storm and some lightning, and from yesterday, a trip to the conservatory and its butterflies! Woo!