A Little Help From My Friends, Please?

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been absent lately. It is the end of the school year. It is a pleasant time I like to call “hell”. In addition to the myriad of activities I am involved in at my children’s school (which I really love, but all at the same time is craziness) the deadline for the Fine Arts Competition at the Ohio State Fair is in a little over a week. I collected some photos I might like to submit. It is $10 per submission so I only want to do a couple. I was hoping you could let me know the photo(s) you prefer and help me narrow my choices! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!!!



Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Sneaking Back Meow

Here is Miss Opal looking down from the loft. She is a sweetheart of a kitty, but she does not like the dogs. Happy to stay upstairs and on top, she looks down and gives Juni the stink eye.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Our family has a new beginning, Opal. We just lost our dearest companion of 16 years, Ruby, on December 26th, 2013. 2012 at Thanksgiving we lost our beloved Perl. I truly believe Opal was sent to us by Ruby and Perl. She looks so much like Perl it is weird, like I am seeing things. Her eyes are different and she hisses at the dogs, but she is a love bug and so very sweet to us humans. I miss both Perl and Ruby very much. They will never be able to be replaced. I still look for Ruby during feeding and bedtime then I get that sinking feeling…”Oh, yeah”. I hope she is having a great new beginning wherever she is. 16 years is a long time. I believe Perl was 16 or 17, but she was only with us for several years, as her owner had to go to a nursing home. Ruby followed me everywhere. She’d even wake from a sound sleep to make sure I was still where she left me. It will be fun to learn the nuances of our new Opal. She was meant to be, literally brought to our home the day before yesterday, a week to the day after Ruby’s death.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

I am glad I am showing off my favorite companions today. I needed that! It’s a mishmash  but I love them all, especially the human ones!


Here is a photo of Bert. He is a cat that was semi-feral, living on a friend’s farm after someone dumped him there. It took weeks for her to pet him, coaxing with treats. After finally catching him, she took him to the vet and had him snipped and vaccinated. She asked if I wanted to bring him home, and so he became part of the family. His full name is Alberto, but we call him Bert for short. He is rather like a booby trap. I can pick him and he likes being petted, but he doesn’t really get the claw concept, so you have to be ready for a “love snag”. He and his “brother” Sampson are like spy vs spy. I would have thought they would like each other after a few years as brothers. I guess I am glad they tolerate each other. They are outside most of the time or in the garage. The final straw of letting them have inside access was the pee in the toaster. As though pee on the wine glasses wasn’t enough. The neighbors say they enjoy their visits and chipmunk control. Perl (who loves boxes) is full-time indoors and is diabetic and needs shots. Below are Sampson (who is annoyed at Bert on the rail), and then Perl. I do love them all.