Evening Light(s)

Kind of Eerie Lavender Love Bruce Monroe Light SculptureThree more shots from the Franklin Park Conservatory. It is just a magical place, no matter what exhibit they have at the time. The dome lights change all the time, regardless. The field of lights are by artist Bruce Monroe, and the building under the clouds is just that. ūüėČ


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

my kind of "selfie"I look forward to the Weekly Photo Challenge so much! I am very grateful to have such a fun and creative avenue to look forward to. This week’s challenge is no different! How fun, “The Hue of You”. I like saying it too. My photo is a perfect self portrait. The colors, the textures, the softness, the holes, the scratches, the layers. Sometimes a picture really can say 1000 words. Thank you, Weekly Photo Challenge!

Being Brave… Easier said than Done

So, I entered a photo contest that looks very exciting. People can vote for you, but as we all know in art, it isn’t what you do, it’s who you know. At least that is how it seems a lot of the time. Right? So, I am trying to be brave and solicit help from all of my dear WordPress friends and ask you to vote for me. I entered a lot of my favorite sky/cloud/sunset photos, because they are the images that truly make me happy. Maybe they are a tad clich√©, but hey, that is ok by me.

So here is the link, and you can see the photos there, or down below. You might recognize some of them. ūüėČ


Thank you for your time! Sorry for the “shameless” self promotion!

Know When to Say When

The other day was so pretty! Big cumulus clouds in clear skies. I spent several hours taking a lot of photos and decided to end the day watching the sun set up at my favorite spot on Alum Creek. I decided to stick around as it grew darker just to make sure I didn’t miss something marvelous, as it had been a rather standard (not that I’m complaining) sunset. Part of the sky was getting pretty clouded over and¬†usually¬†it just gets rather dull and gray and dark. But suddenly a magenta glow appeared a bit north from where the sun went under. Then, WOW! It was so beautiful! I think even these Canadian Geese knew it was something very special! Colors so vibrant, it was a gift from nature!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOR

jelly 3 2 jellies jelly 1 water "color"Last week was Spring Break. I visited Cincinnati, Ohio, with my kids for a few days, and it was really fun! And colorful! I am going to do last week’s photo challenge, A Day in My Life using photos from our trip. But, this was too perfect to wait any longer. I LOVE colors, all day, everyday!!! The jellyfish were hard to shoot as usual, but the aquarium was super crowded and made it even harder. The water image is from a giant reflecting pool that has an abstract image painted on the bottom. It is in a park on the hill near the Cincinnati Art Museum, which is also super fantastic by the way. But more on that later when I do last week’s challenge. Soon.


Abstract Attack part II

I am really liking the abstract photos. I think these would look really great lit up from behind. While they have their own luminescence, the color the computer gives them might not be matched in a print.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

you are my sunshineFor my weekly challenge, I decided to use an image that makes me think about the dialogue within an image, about the meaning and usage of detail.  Can the viewer look beyond the image, especially in photography, beyond the details, the technique, the subject matter and see something else artistically without being asked to do so?

I took a series of photos¬†deliberately¬†out of focus, to¬†concentrate¬†on the composition, the color, the movement. Sometimes getting lost in the¬†details, means losing the details. Like the saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees” my photo lets you see the whole rather than the individual. Opinions?