Windows, The dilemma of

I have issues with windows. I love them! I could live in a house made entirely of glass. (I know people who have their windows covered and lights on during a bright beautiful day, wha??  And no, they don’t have light sensitivity. But there are inherent problems that come with windows. And until I live on my mountain of solitude, I must deal with the fact that my neighbors can see in my house. I have tried blinds and curtains, and prefer nothing. So I have had nothing for a long time and just run fast if I am in my underwear or less. Curtains are just too bed-roomy, too fussy, too curtain-y.  Blinds are nice, but dark. The sheer ones are too sheer and people can still see in, so there is no point in those. I like to see outside. I like to see out during the day and the night. I don’t like the feeling that I am visible by anyway who may want to look in, and maybe some who don’t. So I was thinking of those window clings like you see on cars or trucks where you can see out but not in. Those cost a lot of money, and I have wasted enough money on window treatments already. I could design some really cool images but for my 3 front windows, it would cost $605.00 before shipping. So I looked online for other ideas. I found a cool blog ( who made beautiful window treatments with clear contact paper! I made a variation of my own. I used pre-made wall art stickers and clear contact paper, all purchased at Target. For all three windows it was under $50. Had I just used contact paper and a paint pen, like the blog did, it would have made it under $20. WOW! It is bright, I can see out due to my open design, and I like it. I did learn to spray a soapy water spray down before application, then apply the contact paper, then smooth with a squeegee. Otherwise it is a sticky, crooked, bubbly mess. I still have some uneven-ness but I think it makes it more painterly. I have no idea how the 7thhouseontheleft people got theirs so freaking’ perfect. Either way, I like my new treatments. Now I just have to spackle and paint all the leftover holes from former hardware.