Happy Birthday Ruby

Yesterday was my older doggie Ruby’s birthday. She turned 15! WOW! She is a pointer who still is funny and plays and runs. Yesterday was also my Dad’s Birthday. Tomorrow is mine. It is always a bit sad for me because my dad, who was my best friend and understood me and loved me more than anyone, has been gone from this existence since 2004. He always thought it was funny Ruby and he shared the same birthday. He called her the uncontrolled missile.   He would have been 87. My mom passed in 2003, and I often wonder what it is like moving on, can they see us, do they come back, etc.  All those who have passed before us stay in our hearts, but I wish there was some way we could talk to them. Like a Skype to the next life. In 2005 the day after my lab Frida turned 15, she passed away. So that was a bad day after a doggie’s 15th birthday. I chose to celebrate Ruby and her ongoing happiness here, because it is way better than being sad. Cheers to the bouncing Ruby! May she continue to enjoy this life!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary




This is what I see when looking up in my bedroom at the ceiling. I made this mobile recently. It is my first. I like it, but learned a lot making it. Now I also have some padded gloves, because my hands really hurt when I finished. Below it is a detail photo. After my kids leave to spend time with their dad, it is always weird. I feel like I should use the time to get things done that are so hard to do when they are here (anything that requires quiet and contemplation). But then on the other hand, I am a tad worn out, tired, sad, and need a re-grouping. Things almost seem in slow motion.  I miss my kids and feel introspective and sometimes lonely. So, I look up, around, watch tv, go take photos, miss them, miss my parents, think about life. I usually get way less done I thought I could while they are gone that needs the quiet and contemplation. Weird.

Here is my TV:

Here is a detail of my parents’  headstone:


Here is my favorite solitary game, Solitaire: