The Cheese Stands Alone


accepted: Digital photo 16×24 ¬©2014 Christie Thomas

This was the only piece accepted at this year’s Ohio State Fair. I am super glad that I got this in, but I was very disappointed that my butterfly print collage didn’t make it. I was joking with a friend that perhaps it wasn’t “dark” enough, and perhaps if the butterflies were bloody the judge might have liked it better. So, after I went through the stages of rejection: disbelief, sadness, confusion, & self doubt, I made it to humor. Then I took it to the frame shop and treated myself to a super kick-ass frame with non reflective glass and everything! Take that fair judge! ūüėČ

"A Mother's Love"

rejected at the fair… 20×30 hand cut linoleum block printed butterflies, chine-colle, watercolor, metallic pigment, watercolor board, rice paper, origami paper, watercolor paper May 2014 ¬©Christie Thomas

A Mother’s Love

I decided to crank out something made by hand in addition to my photos to submit to the fair. This ended up being a lot more than my original idea, but I guess that is how my artwork usually progresses. Somehow, my idea of wanting a minimalistic piece (kind of like a Japanese print) never stays that way, like it is too simple or I just didn’t work hard enough on it. I think the only reason it stopped here is because the deadline was a few hours away. All the butterflies are linoleum block prints. I cut 6 different plates and used them in a variety of ways. There are printed butterflies on rice paper, watercolor paintings, and chine-coll√©. Some of them were brushed with iridescent powdered pigments before drying. They were all hand cut and glued on top of watercolor on board. It is 20×30″. I am really happy with it. It still needs to be framed. If you are not familiar with chine-coll√©, it is a process in printmaking where additional thinner pieces of paper, sometimes hand cut to fit certain shapes, are added between the plate and the final piece of paper. Glue, paste, flour, or just pressure keep the papers attached.

A Little Help From My Friends, Please?

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been absent lately. It is the end of the school year. It is a pleasant time I like to call “hell”. In addition to the myriad of activities I am involved in at my children’s school (which I really love, but all at the same time is craziness) the deadline for the Fine Arts Competition at the Ohio State Fair is in a little over a week. I collected some photos I might like to submit. It is $10 per submission so I only want to do a couple. I was hoping you could let me know the photo(s) you prefer and help me narrow my choices! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!!!



Saturday’s Diptych

separated at birth?So similar, yet so different. The image on the left is from the sun shining through my window yesterday, on to some plastic, making the incredible reflections on the wall. It was really fun to move the plastic around and get different images. They really remind me more of skeletal shapes, but the movement is really cloud-like as well. I just had to stick them side by side. I just love stumbling upon great opportunities like that. What is that called? Kismet, fate (what’s the difference?), good luck, the beauty of stacking crap around your house and not putting it away? Yeah, the last one. ūüėČ


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

my kind of "selfie"I look forward to the Weekly Photo Challenge so much! I am very grateful to have such a fun and creative avenue to look forward to. This week’s challenge is no different! How fun, “The Hue of You”. I like saying it too. My photo is a perfect self portrait. The colors, the textures, the softness, the holes, the scratches, the layers. Sometimes a picture really can say 1000 words. Thank you, Weekly Photo Challenge!

Fair Art Update

Country Calm I wanted to update you on my Fair Submissions. Out of the five photos I submitted, “Country Calm” was accepted into the show. Even more exciting is the fact that it won some kind of award. I was notified of it’s award status yesterday via email. I do not know which specific award; we learn the specifics during the Opening Reception (7/23/13). I had it framed professionally with a black floating mat and¬†subtly¬†patterned¬†black frame.¬†It is printed on a wonderful paper called “Somerset Velvet”. It makes it look like an Intaglio print with torn paper edges, with room for signature and title. I will take a photo at the reception. It is very exciting, and best of all, encouraging! Yea!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

…and while the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the word ‘culture’, is strep throat or yogurt, the third thing is fine art! Here are a few photos from my recent trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, and our visit to the Contemporary Art Center. It is really cool! I apologize for having no idea the artists’ names for artworks featured. It is a great place for kids to visit, too! I also highly recommend the Cincinnati Art Museum. Cincinnati has some rather impressive culture, indeed.

Jellyfish Painting

Watercolor and pastel on paper 16×20″



I Love the Fair!

Here is my daughter flying through the air on a spinning ride at the Franklin County Fair. I love the fair. I love all fairs. Tomorrow we are going to the Ohio State Fair. We already spent 7 hours there on opening day last week. I can’t spin (barf), but my kids love it! The amount of great things to do at the Ohio State Fair is unbelievable. If only I had an air-conditioned jumpsuit to wear. This year I even have a painting in the Fine Arts Building. It is really exciting! There is some amazing art from some amazing Ohio artists at the Fair. My Dad would be proud. Here is a photo of my painting. “F is for Flower”.