Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Painted Sky

I am finally all caught up with the weekly photo challenges! This photo is from May 11th (Mother’s Day) which not only treated me to a beautiful evening storm with lightning but fog in the morning! This photo was taken by hand using my car window ledge as a “stabilizer”; The settings were iso 400, 24mm length, f/7.1 shutter 6 seconds. I enhanced it a bit in a couple of photo programs, but the scene is so painterly it looks like an old masters painting to me. (Maybe I should use this as my art submission for the fair?) The light sources are an interesting combination of the moon in the clearing sky and the lightning in 2 spots. Below is another one that has cloud only lightning (iso 400,  60mm length, f/5, 3 seconds) followed by a morning fog photo. What a beautiful day and night! Best gift ever. Although brunch with my kids was pretty darn great too!!intra-cloud lightning cool old truck

Interested in the Weekly photo challenge?    http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/work-of-art/

‘Tis the Season

I am not a multitasker and the craziness of all I have to do and remember is making me very foggy headed. These skies may be repeats, but they are meant as breathing room, a pause for calm. I wish you all peace and calm this holiday season. ❤

December Fog

Yes, I love fog! I experienced the densest fog I have ever seen this morning. Fog was everywhere in central Ohio this morning, but the thick stuff was patchy. I didn’t stop to take photos on the road for fear of being plowed into in those spots. It was glorious, and a little scary. Luckily I didn’t see many cars at all where it was really thick.

Honeycomb Morning

honeycomb morningDepending on your age and location, you might be reminded of honeycomb cereal. It was (is??) a weird, bland, big, kids’ cereal that had a commercial that would stick in your head for hours. “Honeycomb’s big, yeah yeah yeah, it’s not small, no no no…”. In this photo, taken yesterday, I decided to use the “Honeycomb” effect. The photo was rather painterly, so I wanted to push its inherent qualities with a little stylization.  I used the Pixelmator program.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

It is as though the weekly challenge was made for my morning! I got up early in hopes of a great sunrise and potential foggy morning. The dogs behaved for the most part and off I went. It was not foggy by my house, but it was in the country. While I should not complain, as it was a morning of beautiful sights and smells, I am reminded of my lack of breathing room. I passed so many great things to shoot for fear of being rear ended by others who had their destinations in hot pursuit (a red-tailed hawk, a foggy graveyard, rolling hills). Other views would have also put me and my fellow humans at risk for collision due to blind spots and no where to pull off the road. Oh, how I yearn for a place of a slow pace and open skies, my future I dream it to be. *Sigh*

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illuminated (part 2)

St.John'sSteepleanother foggy pink tree pink foggy tree

What a week~ One thing after another, no excuses! But here are the other photos I wanted to share from the foggy morning I felt were great for the Illuminated challenge.

Onto the next challenge: Beyond! xox

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

Finally I finished my year in review! And with not a moment to spare! I chose these photos with the following criteria in mind: New to the blog, nice variety, peaceful, sky/nature, & hopefully interesting. It was interesting to note that while most months my photos were many, February had almost nothing except indoor photos of pets and kids to choose from. So either the sky was totally boring or I was utterly depressed. I imagine it was a little of both, although an exciting sky gives me a shot of happiness like no medication could ever dream of!

Anyway, thanks for a great year! I will freely admit that the weekly challenges are a blast of fun and keep the creativity going.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a peaceful and happy 2013!!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate (part 2)

So many beautiful things are delicate. This afternoon, my kids and I enjoyed “The Nutcracker” Ballet at the beautiful Ohio Theatre. The Ballerina who was the Sugarplum fairy danced very delicately. It was quite elegant and sweet. Ballet choreography uses so much control, unlike many other styles of dance.

I wanted to show three more photos in the Delicate challenge. The underneath of a found mushroom at Alum Creek, 2 wet dandelions in my front yard, and a foggy day in San Francisco.