Foggy Doggy

foggymorningRuby in the fog...This morning we had some pretty good fog. I woke up really early because I had a bunch of stuff to do this morning and my anxious mind wakes me up to not miss things.  I had to take a report to my son’s classroom, Ruby was getting dropped off at the vet for a teeth cleaning at 8:30 and I had an appointment at 9:30. I wanted to shoot the fog and decided to take Ruby so she could have fun before her appointment. Ruby had a blast, I made all my appointments, got to shoot the fog, and dear old Ruby only had to have 6 teeth removed. Ha, ONLY…..OW! Luckily I was only charged for one, otherwise it would have been a very expensive teeth cleaning. Maybe she needs doggie dentures? I am picking her up in a bit. She came through it all swimmingly. They even said I could keep her teeth. Hee Hee. Oh yeah, did I mention I LOVE fog? It was heavenly. We were there surrounded in a blanket of fog before the sun came up. It was like being in a cloud. What could be better?


Foggy Bloggy

Yesterday was gloriously foggy in the morning. It does not seem very often, so it was a real treat! There is nothing else like it. It feels and looks other worldly, and smells delightful. I got up early this morning in hopes of a repeat, but I got nothing. Not even an exciting sunrise. Plain, boring, gray, rainy clouds. Oh well. I tried, which is better than nothing. I also included a shot of my new friend the super cute ginger squirrel who was not at all afraid of me, and he was HUGE! Fog! Love it!

Hey, YOU! Slow down!

I took this photo on the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey, several years ago. I did enhance the sign a bit so it was more readable. People don’t drive on the beach there, so I am not sure who they don’t want to exceed 5 mph. Perhaps the trash cart? Seagulls? Crabs? Me, carrying tons of stuff, burning my feet on the sand? I am pretty sure though, I would want the life guard to haul ass if I was drowning. Gotta love the random sign.