Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

For the Weekly Photo challenge of Minimalist, I chose 3 plant photos I took the other day at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I don’t really think of plants as being minimalistic because they are quite the opposite. But I decided these compositions suited the theme, at least that was my intention. Minimalism conjures up thoughts of cold and hard, yet clean. At least to me. Perhaps the forms speak louder than words.

Evening Light(s)

Kind of Eerie Lavender Love Bruce Monroe Light SculptureThree more shots from the Franklin Park Conservatory. It is just a magical place, no matter what exhibit they have at the time. The dome lights change all the time, regardless. The field of lights are by artist Bruce Monroe, and the building under the clouds is just that. 😉


Light Show

All of these light sculptures can currently be seen at The Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio. The Sculptures are made by
Bruce Munro, and the show is simply called: Light. It was so fun to walk around among all the changing colors at night! A must see if you are in the neighborhood.

Fun at the Conservatory

This is just a small amount of the exciting things you can see at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I didn’t attempt to properly name anything, since I don’t know their proper names. I hope you enjoy! If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio, I highly recommend visiting this marvelous place!

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

Koi Beauty koi at FPC Mr. Koi Mr. Koi in reverseHere is a nice look at the koi pond water feature at the Franklin Park Conservatory. They removed some big glass art balls that were by Chihuly. They also removed all the damn coins people threw in there. (Don’t throw stuff in ponds. It is harmful to the fish.) It is easier to see the fish now too. They look really happy, their big selves swimming gracefully. Mr. Koi, seen in photos 3 and 4, even did a happy roll over. Too cute. Koi so happy they play! This is as close to their view as I can get without being very disruptive and probably ejected from the conservatory. And I wouldn’t like that!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

beauty in the sky on the edge glass by ChihulyThe super cool curvy cloud was on the edge of tornado producing storms that occurred about 60 miles north of my house on June 12th, 2013 . The edge came right to the edge of my neighborhood. It was pretty cool. It felt like an enormous spaceship floating above. The photos do not do it justice. The 3rd photo is from yesterday, glass by Dale Chihuly, at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.