Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

How exciting! Phoneography! So, this was REALLY a challenge, as my phone is not only not a “smart” phone, but a real cheap-o. The phone is a Huawei Pillar and the camera has “VGA Resolution” which mean .3 megapixels. Yes, you read that right!!!!! Ha ha! But I pay $25 a month and have 300 voice minutes and unlimited texting. I can even play UNO on it as well as Bubble-Bash. SO, I got that going for me. Anyway, back to the task at hand. These photos are so bad…(how bad are they) yes, I am that old,  photos from my phone probably would not even hold up in court as evidence. So, I took a few photos around my house, down the street, a reflection of Ruby looking out the door at me on my deck and my backyard,with a window reflection of the sunset, my normal daily stuff. And, since they all stunk, I played with them on the “Pixelmator”. Apple’s photo fun program I bought since I still haven’t been able to put my Photoshop on my new computer. I don’t think my camera phone is something I would want to use for really anything in the future, but for this it was fun. And I learned what “VGA Resolution” means. I bet it stands for Really Grainy Ass-pointless resolution .