More than Reasonably Clever

We 3 in LegoI wanted to share what I got for silly fun! Artist Christopher Doyle has a website called and you can design your own lego figure!!!! How fun is that?!? With shipping we got all three for $20.37. And it came with-in days. This includes all you see (except the glasses, I photoshopped those in). That is a camera I am holding! And a pink coffee mug! Angelo has a light saber and a ray gun, Olivia has a popsicle and a doggie. In my opinion, it is much too fun not to share. (FYI: In case this seems too “ad-like”, I have not been hacked, Mr. Doyle has no idea I am telling you this.) He also has a lot more fun stuff on his site that I want to check out. I found him by googling “make your own lego person” because I had a wild hair that I wanted to make us as legos. So, instead of doing chore, I made mini-us’! Ha! My kids love legos, and through their enthusiasm, now I do too. 😉 Again, thank you Mr. Doyle for your great idea and great service! FUN!


Perl is the best pet I have ever had the pleasure to have loved!

rocks ROCK

I love rocks! Here is my printer’s drawer display of some of my rocks. Some bought, some gifts, some brought back from places I’ve been. I even polished some of those in my tumbler. I would say, the best finds were in Alaska. I drove back with lots of rocks from there. Just gorgeous. I have lots of rocks around my house, in my car, on my desk, in plants, in my garden, everywhere. My kids love showing me the cool rocks they find, too. If I HAD to choose a favorite rock, I would say the magnificent agate. They are like little works of art. (Which makes me think… ooh, enlarged closeups of agates= coolness!) So many colors and patterns. I do like colored diamonds and fine gemstones too, but those are much more high maintenance (not to mention $$). Even though I have a fairly good collection of nice gems as well, I would say I’d be happier with a really cool agate than a giant Liz Taylor diamond. In fact, below is my favorite ring I made with an agate I got while I lived in Minnesota from a really cool shop that specialized in agates from Lake Superior. It’s nickname is an eye agate. Also below is a cool ring I bought for $20 (in a cheap, adjustable setting), but the stone is just awesome! I will have to make that into something else someday. Did I mention that I love rocks?


And Now a Word from Our Sponsor

I saw this yesterday while driving in the country here in Ohio. I was just North of Granville trying not to stress out over the big truck who was speeding and then tailgating me. I found a quick turn around and went back to take a photo of this great sign in someone’s yard. I totally LOVE this! These are huge letters, about 3 feet tall, I imagine.

So, not only was I thrilled to see this, but this made me really happy that there are people brave enough to make such a cool statement! Hooray!

My Feet Hurt


This is the view from the skyride at the Ohio State Fair. We spent 10.5 hours at the fair today. Whew! I love the fair so much! There is so much to see and do, and then some. Today my friend won 2 blue ribbons and a white one for cooking contests. We ate yummy food, rode rides, bought socks, shoes and fudge. (I wore inapproprite shoes even though I know better). We saw and petted lots of animals (a myriad of chickens, horses, & cows). The best part of the day was seeing a baby cow born. I have photos, and will post tomorrow. I am writing this on my phone, in my bed, by a fan, Olympics on, kids reading, and my feet are like throbbong cartoons. So if this looks weird, I apologize, its very different blogging on a phone, but I really would like to keep my streak of a daily post longer than a couple of days. More to come tomorrow!!