Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

squirrel in a pumpkinAnd now for something completely unexpected: A squirrel in a pumpkin montage. The squirrel thinks pumpkin seeds are mighty grand. I think a squirrel sticking her head in a pumpkin to get them is even more grand!


Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above (part 1)

this cracks me up my pretty boy elegance personified Funny Juni Funny Juni 2My youngest dog Juni is quite the character. As I was wandering around my house trying to thing of something interesting to shoot “from above” he was getting all squirrely and rolling on the floor barking and playing and pushing off my legs. I wish the silly ones were in focus better, but with a fast-moving target at such close range, without a flash (which I still don’t have) that isn’t going to happen. My part 2 post of the weekly challenge also has some movement issues, but I have yet to capture a swallow in pure focus. I learned at a recent photography seminar, the way to get great shots of birds is with these things: a set-up for the birds (like food, water-pond or habitat, flowers, etc), a blind that you hide in for god knows how long, tripod, and a flash (especially off camera). So, not doing any of those things, I will say, ok, pretty good for using none of those things. Someday I will get a flash.  I have a tripod. I usually don’t feel like carrying it. As far as the set up and blind goes….the thought is nice. Only time will tell.



mmm, pie

mmm…pie and puppies and π ! Yum!

Posting at 1:59 pm for more math fun cause π is 3.14159…! Although it is just really blogging fun!

Have a great day! I can’t wait to eat some Blueberry pie later with my kids, but not dogs!

Weekly photo challenge: Geometry

My lack of blog presence this past week is no indication of my attention to it. I love this week’s challenge! I would love nothing than to peruse the town finding cool places to shoot and use as my geometry lesson. But, alas, life marches on. Halloween is a blast but a LOT of work. My little teaching gig is a ton of work despite the minuscule paycheck. (Hats off to ALL teachers out there). I am actively trying to de-clutter, organize, & clean my house. I was going to reward myself with blogging when I accomplished that to a certain undetermined amount. But it is slow going and I am using the phrase, “How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time.” to help me stay motivated. I hope you like my Geometry photos. I think I can do better, but this is what I have for now. Now, back to my mountain…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

First off, what a great choice for the weekly challenge. I am still laughing at some of my photos!!!!! What is challenging for me is not only picking just one photo, but passing over photos that are inappropriate or embarrassing. So, in the spirit of love/humor/kindness here is a photo gallery of some of my photos that can be filed under: WRONG.

{No feelings were harmed in the posting of this entry}