Fun at the Conservatory

This is just a small amount of the exciting things you can see at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I didn’t attempt to properly name anything, since I don’t know their proper names. I hope you enjoy! If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio, I highly recommend visiting this marvelous place!

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

hoizontal verticalThis is a cactus, well, probably a succulent, at the Franklin Park Conservatory. I think this is a good example of how the  field of view can change the same shot. While the top is attractive, merely because the plant is, the second shot is much more dramatic and pleasing to the eye. The shot goes from, “And here we see the plant in its habitat” to “I would love that in my home”. Especially if it was in a cool purple frame!

This Morning in the Garden

Yes, I should be weeding my garden. The weeds already are out of control and it looks horrible. But I spent the time taking photos instead!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

On Saturday morning, I (and my children) got to go to a wonderful exhibit of the American Daffodil Society. People from all over the country displayed their finest Daffodil Specimens. Of the many things I did not know about daffodil’s are that there are over 17,000 varieties! I suppose like any subject, once you delve into it, you learn things are not as simple as they might seem. I have noticed different colors of daffodils around in the springtime, but I really assumed that they were “new” types, hybrids cultivated from the old yellow kind. I still have some beautiful daffodils my mother planted over 25 years ago, and I guess I always figured that was the standard. I cannot give you the history of the daffodil (you can google that) but I can share a few of my photos. I got to enjoy varieties that have been around since the turn of the century (the former century) and there was even a flower that has been around since before 1777. Most of the “Historic” Daffodils were not plain yellow. Hmm, not hard to learn something new everyday! So, how does this relate to Change? Change of how one thinks about things. Change of varieties, hybridizing, growth. Change of the seasons. Daffodils representing the emergence of Spring!

The Line of Demarcation

icy sunsetToday was so beautiful!!!!!!!!! Although this sunset is from Valentines day. I didn’t go take sunset photos today because there are no clouds at all, and rush hour traffic coincides with the current sun setting time. So, I am just enjoying it here at home and thought I would share a cool photo from a couple of weeks ago. I will say, that I am not looking forward to hot, muggy, smothering summer weather, but I am excited to open my windows, not wear a big ol’ coat, and being free of the constraints of school. I am also looking forward to gardening, and I am planning on doing this magnificent gardening BEFORE it is 95*, 90% humidity  with a wall of death mosquitoes. Then, hopefully I will not be spending the end of summer embarrassed about my weeds. I already have 10 bags of mulch ready to go! Does it matter they have been sitting on my driveway since last July?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

what lies beneath©Melting ice on the surface of the water in my water “planter”. The planter contains fallen leaves and a mixture of other things from nature. The colors of the pink planter and the orange from the stewing leaves underneath the melting ice created a perfect setting for a photograph depicting “Beyond”. Magical~ Mysterious~ Beyond~ The depths, under the frozen water…. xox


african violetI have had this African Violet for probably over a decade. I cannot remember the last time it bloomed, but it wasn’t the flower’s fault. I re-potted it last summer with the proper soil and added some fertilizer and LOOK! It is blooming and happy again! Sometimes things just need a little time and tender loving care to do their best. This applies to just about everything in life; At least the stuff that matters.

The Nature of the Orchid

orchidI bought this fantastic Orchid the other day. Isn’t it pretty? Orchids are very interesting plants. They seem to be a tad high maintenance as houseplants, yet seem to flourish in the wild. Nature is so cool. Here the sun was shining in and backlighting the blooms. The tag and logo on the plant are cool too. “Colorchids. Orchid care made easy with the SimpleShot™ Glass. One full shot, once a week, warm water only.” (Of course this does not take into account it is dry and chilly in my house…….where right now medium sunlight means cold window chill. Hmm. I will do my best. The people at the store told me that Orchids are actually an air-plant and do well with perforated pots so the roots can get air. Maybe they should sell them with perforated pots. To be a good Orchid Mommy I need to go search one out. For more info on Colorchid:


The Light & Dark of It

Here are opposing views of my Christmas Cactus. It always blooms in November. I have had it a really long time and it probably needs re-potting. I have to keep a rock in it because it only has one side. The other side died off. It was a gift from a friend who had one I admired. Hers was HUGE. This one is tiny. Probably because it is still in the same container, from at least 14 years ago. I have had a lot of my plants a really long time. The longest is a Pothos I bought my Freshman year of college, 1985. Wow!

Summer Loving, had me a Blast

Oh yes, summer lovin’ under the milkweed leaf! (If you are not a huge Grease fan, that is where the title comes from.)  I saw these two yesterday doing their thing. It was entertaining. This is the G-rated angle. The male is very funny, wiggling his body every so often. They stayed there a long time too. The moment was significant to me occurring on the last day of August. To me, summer ends when school starts, but as I sit here today in 94% humidity in front on a fan first thing in the morning, I sure could use a dip in the pool or turn the a/c back on. I have tried to leave the air conditioning off, and it’s been ok, the nights have been rather cool, but boy, I feel like I am sitting in a sauna. I get to work on taxes later, so I might need to break down and turn it on for a bit.

I hope everyone has a safe wonderful weekend! It’s Labor Day Weekend here in the States. Wikipedia says, “Labor Day is an American Federal Holiday observed on the first Monday in September (September 3 in 2012) that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It also symbolizes the end of summer for many Americans, and is celebrated with parties, parades and athletic events.”

So, I guess we are either celebrating the end of summer or American workers. I thought it was about fair working conditions. The 40-hour week, 8 hour day. I think most people just celebrate food and beverage. Either way, I am grateful for all things good! Summer 2012 was fun, fabulous, but fast! I am also grateful for happy little lady bugs, with hopefully more on the way!