Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Pacific, San FransiscoI love the sea. Plain and simple, and all of the things that go with it. Well, that is, all the natural things that go with it. I wish we, as people, would be kinder to it, and use our intelligence and not ignorance and stop throwing unimaginable amounts of crap into it. I wish we had a global self-love for our planet, to the point of crazy uni-global narcissism, never doing anything but for ourselves, our sea, our land, our planet, and all that it is, AS A WHOLE. TEAM WORLD. Why can’t we stop buying into the shallow caress that money and power fleetingly give us? It does not help, does not solve, and definitely does not love. I hurt for the planet that we are creating. I long for peace, and depth, and strength, all those qualities that are the sea. Is it possible to use ego for good?