Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (Part III)

ElectrifyingI cannot help but love the horizon when the light is electric. One of my painting professors would love the power lines in this. As he would say, “It makes a statement and keeps the image from being bubblegum.” Well, he might have not used those words exactly, but the sentiment is accurate. Ah, art school.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (Part II)

Downtown Columbus, OhioHere is another photo I took recently. I was at the airport to shoot the sunset. This is a view of downtown Columbus, Ohio. It is always fun to see the airplanes land and takeoff. I am actually surprised I haven’t been questioned as to why I am taking photos at the airport. I am probably on some kind of list, the weird-os who take photos off the airport parking garage top floor list. They take a photo of your license plate when you arrive and leave the garage. Oh well. It is one of the few places I can see over things, and it is pretty easy to get to. The best $3 view, no questions asked. Yet. 😉


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

horizon baneLove this challenge! Although, I could do without all the little buildings seen here. Little buildings aka suburban sprawl aka me no likey. This was a day of great skies, but also frustrating because I missed the rainbow and ethereal soft sky during sunset as I was shoe shopping for my kids. At least I get to buy new shoes. 😉