Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

All these textures for the weekly photo challenge are from my garden. Yes, the aphids are rather gross, but they’d be a lovely feast for someone! I have never seen them like this. I sure hope that lady bug is hungry!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

Sparkly KaleWell, not only is spring here, but I am here and I have fresh organic veggies growing from seed. This is my tiny baby kale coverend with dew drops. Spring has arrived!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

I like my deck water feature way more in the winter than in the summer. In the summer I can put plants in it, and have some mosquito fish to eat the mosquito larva. (They are currently waiting patiently in my laundry room for the winter to end while eating fish food flakes). But I have to watch it carefully when it rains because the fish wash over the side onto the deck. That is not good for a fish. I have to tend to it like any garden. In the winter the water feature has a life of it’s own, and it maintains itself. It reflects the weather and tells us the temperature more beautifully than a thermometer. These photos were taken the other day in the morning and it was 29*. Most of this winter it has been frozen solid. Hovering near freezing the ice waxes and wanes. I didn’t get to see much of the delicate ice formations when the temperature goes from above to below freezing this winter. The designs are exquisite! I have had photos of them on here before. The way the ice makes leafy patterns as well as sharp lines is beyond my comprehension. Here are 3 different views of my lovely water feature. What a difference perspective makes. Keep this in mind in your relationships too. Some people see beauty and some see murky leaves drowned in dirty water. And, some people aren’t even paying attention, daydreaming while staring off into space.

my water feature

African Violet Beauty

african violetThe African Violet (Saintpaulia) is a good plant to raise your green thumb awareness. They need a little thoughtfulness regarding how they need to be treated, and if done right (and it isn’t hard) they will reward you with much love, color, and sweetness. Water from the bottom (or at least under the leaves), well-drained, but not dry. Do not get the leaves wet as they will show discoloration. Most of my other plants are super hardy, so if I can care for an african violet, so can you! I just make sure they are not overly wet or overly dry. I keep it by my kitchen sink so I see it often. If I put it somewhere out of sight (and what would be the point of that?) I would forget and it would be compost.


Christmas CactusI have a Christmas Cactus that is really old. I think I got it around 1998 as a gift. It is still in its original plastic pot. It could use a new home badly. It is completely lopsided, and this year only has one bloom. A brave little soldier. I can’t say why I haven’t repotted it. Maybe I am a little afraid of it breaking. I see new beautiful ones in the store, but I will not buy one until I give this one some love. I sometimes see them out on the curb after the holidays with the discarded trees and garland. I hate seeing that. It makes me very sad. Next time I see a Christmas Cactus I am going to save it from its death. I think they have the most exquisite blooms. I love the elegance they have, soft, sheer petals that somehow resemble shrimp to me. Mine has a pretty pink stamen that looks like a hand reaching out. I used my preview window, tripod, 100mm Macro Canon lens (which is awesome btw) and cable release to shoot these macro images. It is way better that holding your breath trying to not move.

How do you do?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Ah, the beauty of the gross and bizarre. My friend, Mr Mold. I am really good at growing it. Frankly, it is really amazing stuff.

Fall Snow

We got our first snow of the season 2 days ago, last Tuesday. So pretty, a bit cold, but it was neat to see the fall foliage with the snow. An unusual sight. Most of the snow is gone now, except my north facing front yard.

Birds of a Feather

dewey featherI found this feather~ Moisture underneath it created such a cool pattern. Very exciting!


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

my kind of "selfie"I look forward to the Weekly Photo Challenge so much! I am very grateful to have such a fun and creative avenue to look forward to. This week’s challenge is no different! How fun, “The Hue of You”. I like saying it too. My photo is a perfect self portrait. The colors, the textures, the softness, the holes, the scratches, the layers. Sometimes a picture really can say 1000 words. Thank you, Weekly Photo Challenge!

Fair Art Update

Country Calm I wanted to update you on my Fair Submissions. Out of the five photos I submitted, “Country Calm” was accepted into the show. Even more exciting is the fact that it won some kind of award. I was notified of it’s award status yesterday via email. I do not know which specific award; we learn the specifics during the Opening Reception (7/23/13). I had it framed professionally with a black floating mat and subtly patterned black frame. It is printed on a wonderful paper called “Somerset Velvet”. It makes it look like an Intaglio print with torn paper edges, with room for signature and title. I will take a photo at the reception. It is very exciting, and best of all, encouraging! Yea!