Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

At first I kept looking for the Weekly Photo Challenge. A blip made it a little late last week. Then after it came, I was inundated with everything but the time to blog. But I was thinking about it. Like they say, “You can’t take it with you” and even though I have many things, many loves, a lot of crap, a lot of pets, a lot of favorites, the only thing that is truly mine (at least during this lifetime) that I can show you is me. One of my favorite parts of me that no one can take is my body art. They are all personal, in fact, I like keeping them covered. They are for me and me alone, not to make me cool or different. (Although they do – haha). Plus keeping them covered keeps them from fading in the sun. I get compliments to my face, probably other comments behind my back. What-ev, as my daughter says. I like them, wish I was fully covered. But it gets old being sore and healing, and they are expensive, and I can’t imagine being tattooed with no pants on, so there is nothing on my thighs, so I havent been tattooed in a while.

So anyway, this is my photo of MINE. 😉