Breathe In Breathe Out

In contrast to my last post (Signs), I thought a gallery of very calm and peaceful photographs would be a nice juxtaposition. Thinking positive and calm thoughts~~~ *sigh*. Peace be upon you.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

on wing

Some geese on their own adventure~ This week’s interpretation of The Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure! was taken last March, 2014, in Worthington, Ohio, looking up in the sky.

Edge of Force

stormy sunset

Another storm cell was rolling in last night as the sun set and it gave a little fire for a moment before the lighting started getting too close for comfort.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

moonage daydreamI wonder what it would look like if we had more than one moon. Would they look the same, or totally different? If we didn’t have one at all, how different would life be on Earth? Hmm. I am glad we have one. It is beautiful. (Disclaimer: This moon has been artificially added in Pixelmator. Hee hee.) 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You (Part II/Jr.)

moonhueThis is last night’s “Hunter’s Moon” that at some point and somewhere had a penumbral eclipse. I couldn’t see it. Since I seem to be procrastinating other stuff, I added it to my “Hue of You” image from yesterday. Eek, a moon in my crevasse. Is there a Dr. in the house…?


Airport Evening

The night before last had some beautiful clouds, but they were headed southward. This means that I must follow them, to where? I decided the airport parking garage held the best possibilities for a nice sunset. The clouds kept moving south away from me, but the view was still nice.

About Last Night

Last evening was just gorgeous! Here is a couple of shots of the moon. It was just breathtaking, and the gnats or whatever invades the air at Alum Creek seems to be less everywhere. Venus is by the moon. Saturn was up above somewhere, but I didn’t see it.

Saturday Night’s Alright

Yesterday we had a neat little storm roll through. I was treated to a beautiful sunset, rainbows, and the super moon! Lucky Me!

Spring Fever Part VI aka Lavender and Moon

moon closerAs we watched the storm that gave us rainbow number 1 (April 24th), suddenly the moon popped out from behind the cloud front! It was really funny, I didn’t expect that to happen!